I recently conducted a webinar, Operational Readiness for Healthcare Survey, where I touched on the most common struggles compliance professionals encounter when preparing for their healthcare survey.

These common struggles equate to costly mistakes and stressful situations—ultimately taking away from the mission of providing quality patient care. The good news is there’s a solution. I’ve experienced PowerDMS’s ability to provide solutions to these problems first-hand, through an online document management software solution.

Here are a few common scenarios I’ve experienced and ways PowerDMS can help:


I’ve been in your shoes. I know how difficult it is to manage the day-to-day demands, while continuing to:

  • Promote compliance through policies, procedures and best practices
  • Provide consistent direction to staff throughout the organization
  • Align internal operations
  • Support and increase system-wide improvements
  • Track and trend current survey readiness
  • Increase reliability and accountability, while reducing liability

With PowerDMS, a comprehensive document management tool, you can accomplish all of this and achieve operational excellence.