As 2012 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on all the blessings this year brought each of us–both professionally and personally. Babies were born, promotions were awarded, business was won, hires were made. There were celebrations and sunshine, plenty of birthdays, new challenges and old friends. First and foremost, we are all thankful for you–our customers, the fans, those people who use our solution every day and always have our back. Thank you for your endless support, and for putting your trust in us.
Here’s what else we’re thankful for:

Josh: I am thankful for three healthy and rambunctious kids named Jordan, Olivia and Jared (AKA the Brownies). Being alive in 2012 to experience a fascinating world of knowledge, discovery and change. I can’t imagine a better slice of time to be alive!
Alex: I’m thankful to live in a world where I have things to be thankful for.
J.P.: Wikipedia and next-day delivery.
Jen: Good health, a great job, a loving and supportive partner, and good friends and family (and chocolate).
Justin: My wife and family, co-workers I like, and work that is meaningful.
Becky: I am thankful for my awesome teammates, resources, and mentors! Also, for my husband, Mike, my peanut, Evan, and my three bedmates, Kiki, Angel and Chance.
Craig: New SF team: Nathan, Sandy, Kevin & Becky 🙂
Danny: Friends, job, family, IDS, music, health, my co-workers, Superman, opportunity.
Greg (‘s son): I am thankful for food because without it we wouldn’t be alive.
Geoff: I am thankful for my faith, family, friends, freedom, a great job, and opportunities for future growth.
Ray: Happy to work at a place that is challenging and fun. Thankful to work with great people. Thankful to God for good health and wonderful family and friends.
Abby: The health and happiness of my loving and supportive family and friends.
Jess: I’m thankful for two parents and brothers whose love and support is never ending, as well as the opportunity to make a living doing what I love, and the health of my husband, Blake, my beautiful daughter, Lola, and myself.
Jared: I’m grateful to have such a wonderful support system.
Michael: I’m thankful for coffee, cream, and mints. I’m thankful for my awesome, big family. I’m thankful for Microsoft, Google, and definitely not Apple. P.S. Computer games.
Missy: I am thankful for all of the influential people in my life, whether negative or positive, because they helped in who I am today: parents, friends, bullies, boyfriends, teachers, co-workers, “haters,” supervisors, siblings, mentors, husband, children. I am also thankful for food and chocolate 🙂
Josie: I’m thankful for being alive. Thankful for my family, the amazing people that surround me, the opportunity to learn something new every day and become a better person. I’m grateful for God’s amazing grace and favor in my life!
Nathan H.: Family, friends, and a great company to work for.
Christina: I’m thankful for my friends, family, health and faith.
Melissa: I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life–my family, my faith, my friends (and co-workers!), and all of God’s provisions–clothing, shelter, clean water, a free country, a job, heat, and the list could go on for days! 🙂
Matt: I am thankful for my wife & puppy, the rest of my family, my driven co-workers, my friends, the roof over my head & the food on my table.
Croy: I’m thankful for the freedom and forgiveness offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ, when my wife forgives me for being an idiot, opportunities to create.
Robin: The other day, I caught myself grumbling about my life. My concerns were legitimate, but as I listened to my litany of woes, I realized that I was only making the situation worse by focusing on the negative. I remembered a song we sang in church “Be Grateful For All Things.” I started a prayer journal for myself, family and others. On the days that God delivered or answered my prayer I went back to my journal and wrote these words “God is GOOD.” In good times or bad times I learned to be grateful/thankful for the Goodness of Christ.
Jelani: I’m thankful for my family & past experiences which have made me who I am today.
Liz: I’m thankful for my job, my health, and the people in my life that keep me strong.

Now, let’s eat. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!