Policy and Procedure Management: Redefined

The Policy tool organizes your policies and procedures online, allowing you to write and distribute documents collaboratively, message employees and capture e-signatures.


Microsoft Office Integration

Policy Software Screenshot

Edit and save your policy revisions directly inside Word, Excel or PowerPoint and PowerDMS will automatically update your documents.

Policy Procedure Management Distribution

Fast, Paperless Distribution

Why chance a paper cut sorting through stack after stack when you can go digital? PowerDMS will save you time—and sanity—when you need to distribute a slew of important documents to your team. Oh, and less paper means a cleaner, greener environment.

Electronic Signature Capturing

Policy Management Software Signature

Collect the signatures you need without wasting time tracking employees down. PowerDMS captures signatures electronically, and will even alert team members when their signatures are about to expire to guarantee everyone is always up-to-date.

Policy Procedure Management Workflow

Workflow Process

Know when it’s your turn to chime in on a crucial document without passing policies from desk to desk. PowerDMS’s workflow process is complete with helpful next-step intelligent progression, multiple-feedback selection and direct-to-publish capabilities.

Intelligent Searching

Policy Management Software Search

Your employees are accustomed to using search engines online to find what they are looking for, so why not apply this to your library of policies and procedures? With PowerDMS, an intelligent search returns documents with words found in the title, description or body of the document. How easy is that?

Policy Procedure Management Distribution

Write, Revise and Archive Policies

Create new policies and procedures or upload existing documents with PowerDMS. Editing documents in a pinch is a cinch when previous versions and revisions are always archived, guaranteeing you’ll never lose track of what was in effect when.

What is Policy Management?

Policy as a Priority

Traditional Policy Management

We owe so much to policies: your coworkers have to take regular showers, not rifle through your personal belongings and are expected to be sober at the office. A workplace without policies can blur the boundaries of professionalism and common courtesy, opening the door to chaos, risk and bad business. Much like the way laws govern our behaviors and protect us from unnecessary harm, policies provide structure, stability and a measuring stick for the highest standard of quality.

4 components of the best policy management

  • Establish Policy

    Establishing Policy - Whether it’s a brand new policy or an update to an existing one, every policy needs an owner that is responsible for the document’s content and lifecycle. When writing policies for an organization, voice, format and reading level should be consistent to be sure they’re simple and easily understood by all employees. Once your policy is approved, it’s time to publish it in PowerDMS.

  • Communicating Policy

    Communicating Policy - Getting the word out on your policies starts with PowerDMS. Employees can log in to the system, read policies and procedures that apply to them, be trained on them, take tests relating to them and sign off on them. Well-written policies are a great foundation, but they need to be communicated and understood to be effective. Make your organization’s policies clearer by adding videos, images and other resources with PowerDMS.

  • Monitoring Policy

    Monitoring Policy - Now that your organization’s policies are written and published, you need to monitor them for compliance. Policies should always be followed, but it’s important not to expect perfection 100 percent of the time. Keep track and document exceptions and deviations for future reference.

  • Reviewing Policy

    Reviewing Policy - Policies should be reviewed regularly by the document owner—even if the policy has not changed. What you determined was suitable in a policy this year may present risk the next. During this review process, situations of noncompliance should be assessed to determine if it’s back to the drawing board for that policy.

Choose PowerDMS

Why PowerDMS Policy?

Reason for Policy Software

Policy and procedure management at the core

Developed in 2000, PowerDMS is a leading solution in the compliance, accreditation and general risk management arena. With over 600 customers, the Policy feature is a scalable model suitable for any high-liability organization around the world.. Read more about PowerDMS™

Reason for Policy Software

Policy solution that remains on the cutting edge

With features spanning the entire document lifecycle—from policy creation using plain templates to the publishing and archiving processes—you won’t need a secondary solution to keep up top-notch policy management. Our support team delivers customer feedback directly to our developers who then fill PowerDMS to the brim with solutions to fit your every need.

Reason for Policy Software

You ask, we deliver

Whether you’re interested in hosting with PowerDMS because of limited internal IT support or you value the peace of mind that comes with our secure data-storage centers, our hosted SaaS model is second to none. For in-house use, PowerDMS will sync with your organization’s existing Active Directory, making set-up a breeze. Flexible product choices, simple install methods and friendly support all make us the best. Ask us how we can assist your organization

Reason for Policy Software

Policy management is just the beginning

We see the big picture without forgetting about the details along the way. PowerDMS continues to have dedicated product support for our policy and procedure management, while developing key, integrated features to do away with the need for multiple software applications. See more

Feature List

Features of PowerDMS™ Policy:

  • Document Authoring Policy Software

    Document Authoring – Is your policy manual lacking substance, or does "lacking substance" mean your policy manual doesn’t exist yet? No worries – build HTML policies using our embedded templates, or create your own. Make edits to your documents right in Microsoft Word and PowerDMS™ will update them without a hitch.

  • Review Policy Management

    Review and Approval Workflow – Eliminate document review via email exchange. Collaboration tools make engaging discussions a snap.

  • Document Lifecycle Management

    Document Lifecycle Management – Create a draft from a currently published document and archive previously published versions, all while tracking signatures within each version. There’s nothing to it.

  • Document Version Comparison

    Document Version Comparison – Want to know why you’re signing off on that document again? Match up with another version to see what’s what.

  • Capture Signatures Electronically

    Publish for Signatures – Chasing employees through the parking lot trying to get them to sign off on crucial documents? Sit back, relax and let the electronic signatures pour in.

  • Employee Testing

    Employee Testing – When the stakes are too high to rely on a signature alone, attach customizable tests to make sure employees really understand your organization’s policies or procedures.

  • Tagging

    Tagging – Group like internal documents to find exactly what you’re looking for with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Proof of Compliance

    Proof of Compliance – Documents serve as proofs of compliance with your industry standards, so nothing falls through the cracks when preparing for on-site assessments. It’s that straightforward.

  • Standard Change Notification

    Standard Change Notification – Policy- and manual-revision notifications assure you never miss a single revision. With email and in-application notifications, you'll be able to access changes instantly.

  • Report Building

    Report Building – Need proof of who signed a policy or when it was signed? Filter the necessary data and run a report easily for built-in reassurance.

  • Single Sign-On

    Single Sign-On – Work with your IT department to configure one set of sign-on data, getting rid of the need for your users to remember multiple logins and password.

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“PowerDMS is an ideal tool for dissemination of information in a timely manner with complete accountability. It has provided our agency with the documentation needed to show compliance with CALEA standards.”

Columbus Police Department Office of Professional Standards

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