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In law enforcement, your focus is on using best practices to take care of your community. Let PowerDMS help you keep those practices at their best.

PowerDMS and Law Enforcement

With over a decade of experience in public safety, our team is committed to delivering an easy-to-use, cutting edge solution that meets the evolving document management and accreditation needs of our customers. More than 75,000 users nationwide trust PowerDMS with their crucial documents and standards.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Who Is Policing Your Documents?

If you’re like most law enforcement agencies, regulatory compliance is an ongoing battle. Communities look to you for support, guidance and safety, but how are you managing employees to ensure compliance and uphold your reputation? Maybe you keep a spreadsheet of policy names at the front of a paper manual, with revision dates erased and re-entered until there are holes in the paper, or stand by a copy machine to wait for agency policies to print, wasting serious time and money, or maybe your employees initial next to FTO documentation on a spreadsheet, then draw a squiggle down the column to show all documents were “signed,” without even glancing at them.

PowerDMS is your ticket to a more paperless policy environment. We know time is money, money is limited, and employee certifications are vital. Use our online law enforcement tests to rest easy knowing your employees fully understand policies, and get tell-it-like-it-is feedback from your team using police survey tools within PowerDMS. It really is that simple. So, choose us—we guarantee you won’t look back.

POLICY compliance management software lets you upload and create documents within a completely online environment!

Toss your old ways of managing documents in the trash. Collect policy signatures electronically, and be sure your employees are always up to speed on current rules and regulations.

Standards Management Software screenshot

Are your agency’s current methods of demonstrating proof of compliance outdated and time-consuming? Say hello to the industry’s premier electronic standards management tool.

Embrace virtual classrooms with TRAINING learning management software!

Why limit learning to the four walls of a classroom when employees can learn at their own pace from the comfort of a personal computer? With our compliance e-training tools, complete retention is a few clicks away.

Ensure your personnel know what they’ve read with TEST employee assessments.

Certification testing is a great way to make sure your employees really understand what they’re reading. Use PowerDMS to make this a natural addition to agency management.

Conduct online satisfaction surveys to collect valuable feedback from your personnel in a snap.

Satisfaction questionnaires are a productive and painless way to get candid feedback from your employees. Use PowerDMS to distribute surveys easily, and view results in easy-to-read graphs.

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“PowerDMS is an ideal tool for dissemination of information in a timely manner with complete accountability. It has provided our agency with the documentation needed to show compliance with CALEA standards.”

Columbus Police Department Office of Professional Standards

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