Law Enforcement Employee Surveys: Redefined

Take care of your officers by finding out what their wants and needs are with PowerDMS.

Straightforward answers

Ensure personnel know they can always come to you with problems and suggestions by enlisting SURVEY employee questionnaire software at your agency!

From the current procedure for checking out emergency vehicles to the weekly cafeteria menu, your employees have opinions on just about everything. Police surveys allow you to not only hear their needs, but to really listen to what they have to say and affect change. PowerDMS’s employee questionnaires are 100 percent electronic too, so no officers are left wondering if their suggestions and concerns are buried somewhere in a toppling pile of paper.

Make your police surveys unique and personal with a variety of options and question types.

Unlimited customizations

PowerDMS is all about choices—from the types of online survey questions you give your employees to when you want the surveys to be turned in. Distribute surveys as is or attach them to courses using PowerDMS. Our solution was designed to fit your specific agency’s police surveying needs.

Clear-cut confidentiality

Administer anonymous employee surveys to receive the most truthful answers as possible.

Heard through the grapevine that some of your employees don’t like the way you’re handling off-duty-detail distribution? Use our anonymous option to get the story straight without making anyone feel like they’re compromising their job. Get the feedback you need with the comfort they crave.

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