Law Enforcement Testing: Redefined

Regulatory compliance is more than just reading a document and signing off on it. Law enforcement certification exams within PowerDMS can put your mind at ease.

Paperless peace of mind

Why settle for minimal knowledge retention? Assess them with TEST’s certification exams!

Law enforcement policies can be a matter of life and death. Don’t trust just a signature to mean the policy was read and understood. Instead, test their knowledge with PowerDMS. Evaluate your team members on anything and everything they need to know about any subject you choose. Online law enforcement tests mean you’ll never be left wondering if they got it.

TEST makes certification testing fun and easy!

Multiple question types

PowerDMS goes much further than asking a question and giving an answer. Spice up your quizzes by taking advantage of multiple question types, including true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and good ol’ multiple choice. You can also give your law enforcement tests a time limit and/or take-by date, and choose whether or not a test is open book. With so many options, go ahead and keep it interesting.

Convenient attachment option

Associate law enforcement tests with policies and courses to better organize and optimize your training.

With PowerDMS, you can attach employee tests to important, must-know policies and procedures. Our solution also allows administrators to connect assessments to documents, so you can sleep easy knowing that everyone is in the know. By associating certification testing with other compliance management tools, you’re well on your way to becoming a more prepared, knowledgeable and clutter-free agency.

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