Our Mission

We're here to serve you, so that you're equipped to better serve the people in your community. In other words…

Our mission is to serve the people who serve the people.

Born out of a need to simplify mountains of compliance paperwork, PowerDMS has a long history of helping high-trust organizations get control of their crucial information.

Since 2001, PowerDMS has helped customers simplify how they create, track, and attest to policies, training, and industry standards.


Today more than 3,500 organizations, in both the public and private sectors, trust our cloud-based software to help them reduce liability, drive accountability, increase corporate compliance, and improve safety.

Trust is paramount to the success of our organization, and we take this seriously. Our customers trust us to deliver a superior product and best-in-class service. Our 97% customer satisfaction rating and industry-leading retention rate prove we continue to meet and in many cases exceed their expectations.

Meet Our Leadership


Shane Evangelist


Ben Davis


Sandy Miranda


Heath Hensley



Matt Redden



Josh Snyder
VP, Business Development


Our Culture

Relationships are a big deal to us – we care greatly for each other, our customers, and our community. We believe a career is a huge part of life’s experience, so why not fill it with purpose, passion and fun?

At PowerDMS, we go to great lengths to hire great people. We believe in leading with innovation and in creating an open environment because we know that creating a place where everyone feels like they belong doesn’t happen accidentally.

Our unique workplace has not gone unnoticed, year after year, PowerDMS is named one of Orlando’s Best Places to Work, Best Workplaces for Commuters, one of Florida’s Best Companies to Work for, one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces, and for nine consecutive years one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. magazine.


Diversity at Work

PowerDMS believes that with a diverse work culture, we are stronger. By bringing together diverse perspectives, ideas, and viewing problems from a variety of lenses, we are able to be innovative and find better solutions; we are better able to support our customers; we are more competitive in our market; we can recruit, develop, and promote top talent; and we can positively impact the organizations we support.

We search for people who are a reflection of our company’s core values, not just fit in. We embrace our differences, searching for people from a variety of backgrounds, unique experiences, and new perspectives that will help us to move forward to solve important problems.

Company Values

Our values help define our internal culture and interactions with customers. Just as our personal values define how we speak and behave, PowerDMS brand values are the first lens through which we define our brand voice.

Happiness stems from our personal lives, as well as our careers. We find balance between the two. 

Achieve Balance


We build our relationships on a foundation of trust and foster an uncompromising dedication to ethical principles and values. 

Integrity First


We collaborate intentionally, leverage each other's strengths, and push one another towards excellence, creating healthy interdepencies along the way. 

Stronger Together


We leverage empathy, seek to fully understand, and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Passionate Customer Focus


We are driven to leverage our talents and passions to grow innovative solutions that form a positive, lasting impact on our communities and our world.

Be the Change


We dare to be seen, to bring our strengths and talents to the team, and to find the courage to grow from our mistakes

Vulnerability is Courageous


Join Our Team

We believe a career is a huge part of life’s experience, so why not fill it with purpose, passion, and fun!

If you are creative, hardworking, enthusiastic, talented, and passionate, we want you on our team.