Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Orlando, Fla. (August 20, 2013) – Coinciding with the latest release of PowerDMS 4.10, the leading content and compliance management company has reached agreements with 16 public safety accreditation organizations providing all organization members’ access to their Standards electronically. This provides members with on-demand access and immediate updates to critical compliance information.

“The partnership between the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and PowerDMS will give our accredited and enrolled agencies the option of introducing a state-of-the-art technology application to more efficiently and effectively manage their accreditation process,” stated Joe Blackburn, Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Accreditation and Training Coordinator.

As organizations continue to strive to professionalize and encourage a standard of excellence within the law enforcement and public safety industries, the cloud-based PowerDMS solution provides a powerful method to seamlessly integrate policy creation, collaboration, approvals, training and testing. “Having PowerDMS opens the door for innovating the compliance process and having real impact for those agencies, saving them significant time, money and physical space,” said Josh Brown, founder and CEO of PowerDMS. “Our most recent release brings an exciting feature–Document Compare. This really amplifies the ease of use and helps users easily identify any changes in the documentation to be able to more quickly respond.”

The PowerDMS latest accreditation organizations are:

Mississippi Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission
Oregon Accreditation Alliance
Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission
South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation

Members of these accreditation organizations will join over 1,000 law enforcement agencies already using PowerDMS for policy and procedure management, employee testing and training.

About PowerDMS

PowerDMS is a cloud-based company that helps organizations reduce risk and liability with a comprehensive compliance management solution. We provide the tools necessary to organize and manage crucial content and industry standards; train employees with accountability measures–all reducing risk and maintaining compliance for an organization. PowerDMS redefines compliance management through collaboration, process and automation.

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