PowerDMS is unveiling the newest addition to its PowerDMS STANDARDS. As a software module that revolutionizes the accreditation-management process, it will be instrumental in the management of standards manuals, organizational reviews, and compliance assessments, and capped off with remote review capabilities.

STANDARDS has already proven its viability, as the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) and Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission (FCAC) have become the first consumers of the product.

The fact that we have created software for the last decade that supports accreditation lends itself to a natural progression toward an intelligent solution to the entire accreditation process,” said John Connell, PowerDMS’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Beginning immediately, CFA and FCAC will begin implementing the software to its more than 150 member agencies in the state of Florida, who will either seek accreditation for the first time or as part of the reaccreditation process. Taking a process that includes cumbersome versioning of a standards manual, submission for posting, or even printed versions of that manual, STANDARDS excels in electronic management, remote publishing, and version tracking.

Advantages such as remote member subscription, electronic file building, and complete replacement of filing cabinets render (re)accreditation fluid and efficient. Finalizing this process is a similarly efficient e-review, for the purposes of certification and recommendation for accreditation. This is accomplished with a seamless “walk” through the member’s site, and reporting to give evidence of approval.

Partnering with CFA and FCAC has been paramount in the launch of this product,” said Joshua Brown, founder and CEO of PowerDMS. “They represent an organization and membership that is willing to embrace technology for accreditation management, and the benefits it provides in a time when resources are tight and organizations must become more efficient.”

PowerDMS strives to provide the pinnacle in simple, paperless personnel management and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re looking for a way to manage accreditation and certification, handle policy management through the entire lifecycle, document signatures, train and assess employees, or receive feedback in an open, professional communication, PowerDMS exists to handle each entity separately or comprehensively. To learn more, please visit powerdms.com or call toll free: (800) 749-5104.

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