Cybersecurity is a mounting priority in law enforcement and corrections, and finding success is about more than just installing anti-malware programs and operating on a closed network. In many cases, insiders present the greatest threat.

Hacking into a network is rarely easy. Getting somebody to fall for phishing scam and give out their login credentials can be simpler. Even more damaging, however, is when attackers pay an employee, or simply conspire with a disgruntled worker, to get that person to steal data for them. Your document management system must protect against these threats, and moving to electronic documentation can simplify security processes.

An insider threat also has many tools at his or her disposal, like getting a friend to make an exception and give them information they don’t actually need. A good document management system will help you protect against these types of threats by putting records out of the hands of employees. Many practices associated with insider threats are removed once a physical file is no longer available.

Understanding the role of the insider threat
A person with inside knowledge of your company can be a security threat because it is easier for them to work around safeguards. For example, most security systems include multiple layers of protection to prevent threats from taking advantage of a single point of failure. However, an employee with the right authorizations can get through many of the protections to such a point that he or she may only need to work around one layer of security.

Using a document management system to protect against insiders
Many regulatory laws mandate that users only have access to the minimum data they need to do their job. Organizations need to apply this across every aspect of their operations, and a good document management system can make this easier in a few ways:

  • Making sure employees know what to expect – clear policies that your workers understand and sign off on can help them understand how they can share data with other workers.
  • Segregating data – modern document management systems let administrators control access and editing rights for various documents, making it impossible for users to view a file without authorization.
  • Simple, robust training – videos, surveys and quizzes let you present your workers with a variety of scenarios within the document management system where they sign off on policies, ensuring they are prepared to defend against insider threats.

Moving to electronic document management provides a simple first step in protecting against insider threats by preventing physical access to data. From there, a good solution will also make it easier to train employees and empower them to safeguard information.