calea-2013We recently attended the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA®) spring conference in Charleston, S.C. Their purpose is “to develop professional standards and establish a process that would recognize excellence”. CALEA® was celebrating their 100th conference—quite a milestone. This particular conference centered on the review of over 100 agencies seeking accreditation. There were additional Commission business meetings, training sessions, and a vendor expo.

PowerDMS has been an exclusive CALEA® partner for three years, and we’re very proud to be included in their programs. We have a true teaming relationship and work closely together by providing their standards in the PowerDMS™ system, enabling policy and content creation for each specific standard.

At the conference, we participated with a booth in the vendor expo, as well as through PowerDMS SupportLive (an area where users could ask questions about our application, learn new things, and network with peers). We also had a few of our developers there to conduct usability testing for new product ideas.

calea-2013-whiteboardAttending the conference was a great reminder for us as to why CALEA® is such a significant partner. What really struck us is the level of commitment and ownership our users have to PowerDMS. While our customer-success experts and developers met with attendees, our users were all too eager to share their experiences with us—how PowerDMS has changed the way they work, saved time and pain around audit time, and how they used the application in ways we didn’t even think of. But even more striking were all the great ideas they had for improvement and new capabilities. We had an Ideas board at PowerDMS SupportLive where users could add their suggestions. The level of participation was more than we could have hoped for!

It was exciting to see so many of our customers passionately express their ideas for PowerDMS. Some people would walk over to this board and read through every sticky note, adding stars to the ones they liked. Some of the ideas are easy tweaks; others, well…we have our work cut out for us. But this is what we do – we solve real-world problems and make people’s jobs and lives easier.

We’re looking forward to working future CALEA® conferences and further innovations. Keep the ideas coming!