Discussing the high-level benefits of PowerDMS, like accountability, credibility, and compliance is a good place to start. However, It can be difficult to qualify all the benefits of PowerDMS without actually seeing it for yourself.

At PowerDMS, we seek to connect excellence in policy to excellence in performance. Our software does this by delivering critical content at critical moments, so that employees can perform their jobs in conformity with your organization’s standards. The idea is a vague one, until you see the capabilities that turn this concept into a reality.

When I was on the PowerDMS sales team, I remember demonstrating our side-by-side comparison capabilities to a prospective customer. When the power of the feature clicked in his mind, the tenor of the call shifted. I’ll never forget the stunned “wow” that came from the other end of the line.

He connected the dots between how reviewing each revision of a policy could drive operational excellence and accountability in his organization.

We’ve created a bi-weekly recurring demo as another way to “connect the dots” between positive organizational change and the features that make it possible.

If you’re somewhat familiar with how PowerDMS works but hazy on the details, there’s no better way than to watch Brad, our resident PowerDMS expert, demonstrate the platform’s features in real time.

In the spirit of being detailed, here’s what you’ll learn when you join a PowerDMS live demo:

  • How to create and sign a document electronically (this reduces print and paper costs)
  • How to get high-level data on training and attestation of policies by employees (this drives accountability and consistency)
  • How to send a document through a digital workflow for collaboration (this simplifies policy edits and gives you back much-needed time)
  • How PowerDMS acts as the “single source of truth” for all your critical content (this eliminates headaches and juggling multiple systems)

Can you spare 30 minutes? Click the link below and you’ll be directed to the sign-up page. There, you can pick a convenient date for you to join. Don’t have that much time? Navigate to the page anyway to watch a 15-minute abridged demo focused on the policy features of PowerDMS.

Join a live demo walkthrough of PowerDMS