Have you ever wondered if the work you do really matters? If what you spend 40 to 60 hours of your life each week doing is making an impact?

I have. It was Saturday morning and my wife and I were sitting in Chick-fil-A enjoying breakfast before we finished our move into a new home. Uplifting music was playing in the background and a slight overcast was covering the sky. As we sat in our booth I noticed a police officer enjoying his meal and overheard him greet the two paramedics walking in the door. It was a movie-like scene with the local diner as the gathering place to prepare for the day. All was well. For now…

Abruptly, a disruptive loud voice came over the radios of the police officers and paramedic. Reports of an accident was all I could make out over the noise. Quickly, the cop dropped his breakfast and yelled to the paramedics in line, “Did you hear that? Let’s go!” With no hesitation, they ran quickly out the door, leaving their food and peace to respond to the scene of a nearby accident.

I’m quickly reminded by a humble and soft voice in my head that these are the customers we speak with here at PowerDMS everyday.  Men and women who sacrifice their lives for the lives of others. Their needs are second to the needs of those around them. We have the honor of having these police officers, paramedics, nurses, doctors, educators, fathers and mothers as our customers using our document management solution in their everyday lives. We can’t thank them enough for the selfless professions they have chosen.

As a simple reminder, no job is a dead-end street. Although a small task may seem unimportant from one perspective, it doesn’t take much to see the life-empowering potential each of us have. For me, it was a simple visit to Chick-fil-A.

If you’re ever curious of the value your work truly holds, try thinking about who you’re doing it for–maybe that will shed some light.