In 1970, a senator from Wisconsin became increasingly upset when politicians and the media were not addressing the issue of preserving the environment. In response, he created the first Earth Day to be held on April 22. On this inaugural Earth Day, an estimated 20 million Americans took to the streets in coast-to-coast rallies, demonstrating for a sustainable environment.

Today, almost half a century later, Earth Day is still observed on April 22 and is the largest secular observance in the world. It’s a day when more than a billion people show their environmental commitment by participating in various activities. For many corporations, these activities are a celebration of a year-long focus on “green” efforts. For others, it’s the one and only day a year they focus on the environment.

Advances in technology, and specifically cloud computing, have made it easier for companies to “check the box” when it comes to being environmentally conscious. A study conducted by Microsoft found that large corporations can save at least 30 percent of energy consumption and carbon emissions with cloud-based software, and mid-size businesses can save 60-90 percent.

Go Green. Save Green. With PowerDMS.

In addition to the energy saved by using a cloud-based software, by going “paperless,” PowerDMS customers have saved nearly 68,000 trees. That’s something to brag about, and why we say “every day is Earth Day.” This paper savings equates to $17 million in paper and printing costs alone, or $9000 per PowerDMS customer.

As Earth Day 2016 approaches, companies everywhere are looking at their internal processes and systems to see where they can save money while protecting the environment. PowerDMS customers can relish in the fact they have made a huge impact by going green and taking their policy management online.

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