Through direct conversation, and our PowerDMS Users group on LinkedIn, we recently asked customers how they use the PowerDMS Survey feature as a tool to accomplish their unique goals. We received many creative responses regarding how organizations across the nation have used this dynamic tool.

Gather Employee Feedback:

  • Gauge the frequency a particular version of the department’s General Order was being used
  • Share opinions on patrol schedule
  • Gather anonymous feedback on new K-9 program from the officers to see if the program is meeting expectations
  • Gather general feedback from employees on equipment, morale, supervision, etc.
  • Gather feedback on specific communications, including changing procedure on radio communications
  • Improve the hiring/onboarding process  by gaining feedback from new hires
  • Gather input on topics for Chief’s annual information session
  • Provide input to the recruitment team on the recruiting process and find out why new employees chose to apply to the agency
  • Collect votes, when required by Civil Services or other entities, to make a change
  • Collect suggestions to improve policy manual
  • Share information about specific difficulties officers are having, like with Field-Based Reporting Systems, which is used with vendors to help address issues

Gauge Training Needs:

  • Gather feedback from staff when new software is added to identify training opportunities
  • Gather feedback for ongoing training courses, such as patrol rifle course
  • Conduct fitness survey to determine best time for instructor to be at the training facility and what type of training staff would prefer
  • Gather feedback from staff on internal training, including how useful the training was and suggestions for future training topics
  • Gauge upcoming  training needs to prepare for annual budget
  • Track data related to personnel certifications

PowerDMS Survey Example

Manage Celebrations and Awards:

  • Collect nominations for Officer of the Quarter/Year and other awards programs
  • Gather feedback on agency holiday party, including what they want to see and most convenient date for scheduling

Conduct Reviews and Assist with Employee Improvement:

  • Conduct peer and/or supervisor reviews
  • Provide feedback for potential field training officer candidates and help select new field training officers

As you can see, one of the many benefits of PowerDMS is its features, such as survey, can be used in numerous ways to meet different needs.

Are you a PowerDMS customer with creative ideas to share? Join our LinkedIn Users group and let us know how your organization is using PowerDMS to get the job done.