In November, the Give Back Committee was busy collecting food contributions for a local business working to feed hungry local school children. Kavaliro Staffing Services, located in Orlando, will hold a quarterly community “Kavaliro Fueling the Community” food drive. The company says the idea was sparked from a documentary on “60 Minutes” highlighting the current homeless crisis in Central Florida.

PowerDMS™ helped out the cause by collecting three bins of nonperishable food items, all donated by our employees and their families. The food drive brought in 894 cans of Chef Boyardee, 24 individual Servings of Chef Boyardee, 270 cans of fruit, 696 individual servings of fruit and 161 miscellaneous food items, which will be distributed to 10 area schools in Seminole and Orange counties.

We’re looking forward to what December will bring. Bring on the holidays!