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September 15, 2020

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Show Description

Ed Goodman, accreditation manager for the Buckeye Police Department, has been involved in helping agencies achieve accreditation status for over 20 years. Listen as he shares strategies you can use to gain organizational buy-in when presenting large changes to your organization.


1. The “why” behind getting accredited as a Law Enforcement agency (3:15)

2. Accreditation is a risk management tool for your agency (6:40)
– International standards of excellence
– PowerDMS – single source of truth to track policies and training for all personnel

3. Through the accreditation process, the community sees Law Enforcement as more professional (13:30)

4. Best practices to overcome hurdles when getting accredited (15:35)
– Communication is key with all members of the agency
– Explain early and often the “what and why” behind accreditation
– Get as many members (of all levels) of the organization involved to get organizational buy-in for policies reviews and changes
– Educate members of the local government on the benefits (Reduction of risk and lawsuits, etc.)
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