Software programs seemingly permeate every facet of our lives these days, covering the majority of personal to work-related tasks. Web developer’s wheels are constantly churning in search of some new service to offer the generation of instant gratification. Take a brief moment to think about how accustomed you are to using software, and may not even realize it.

Do you mail checks to pay bills or opt for online bill pay? Still receive paper copies of your monthly bank statements or review e-statements? Connect with friends and family members via Facebook, Twitter, or Skype or pick up the phone to call every day? Rent movies from the video store or watch movies via Netflix on your computer?

In today’s day and age, we’re so used to having the luxury of fulfilling all of our needs electronically that we take for granted how convenient software makes our lives.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the various ways software saves you precious time throughout the course of your day? You save money by eliminating the gas it would require to drive to your nearby bank and postage to mail your payments, and you save the time it would take to walk in somewhere and wait in line to pay the bill. Thanks to software, there are even reminders to ensure you pay bills on time. And better yet, you can make the instant payment from the comfort of your home or office.

Policy and procedure management software makes your life easier in the same capacity. Since the economy took a dive, many companies have been forced to downsize in order to compensate. Now individual employees are left juggling a workload better suited for two or three people. With compliance management software’s capabilities, you’ll receive email notifications for revisions, implementation of new policies, or documents requiring your signature, which makes for one less duty to stress over.

Here are a few ways policy and procedure management software can save you time and sanity, and establish personnel fairness.

  • Set “alerts” so nothing slips through the cracks when you’re overwhelmed with a full plate.
  • Integrate training videos, tests, and surveys quickly and easily for complete compliance. Save a significant amount by eliminating onsite training- and test-proctoring expenses.
  • Access policies and procedures instantly. Forget stressing over the time-consuming methods of tracking down policies and accompanying change notices.
  • If that’s not reason enough to switch to or continue using policy and procedure management software, here are a few dollar amounts of everyday office necessities to put the cost into perspective.

Average cost of a(n):

  • pack of pens – $7.99
  • ream of printer paper – $8.99
  • ink cartridge – $80.00
  • toner cartridge – $40.00
  • file cabinet – $125.99
  • binder – $6.99

That’s $269.96 total for only a few select items! And keep in mind: the average employee prints 10,000 pages per year, so multiply those basic costs several times over.

Instant access to pertinent information and the savings associated with a software program is sounding pretty appealing right about now, isn’t it?

But we saved the best for last. You’re not only saving room in your organization’s budget and office space by making the switch; you’re also conserving the environment by going paperless. If you already have a paperless management system in place, thanks for doing your part! However, if you’re still debating, the pros infinitely outweigh the cons – so what are you waiting for?