New Jersey’s Courier-Post recently featured an article highlighting how New Jersey law enforcement agencies are using PowerDMS for more efficient, paperless policy management.

Nearly 350 police agencies around New Jersey use PowerDMS to manage everything from policies to accreditation to training. PowerDMS gives administrators the power to quickly deliver policies and training to every officer, then track sign-offs and engagement.

Simplifying Policy Distribution

Christopher Chew, chief of Evesham Police Department, told the Courier-Post that his department has been using PowerDMS for almost 10 years.

“When the system first came out, we saw the true value and powerfulness of it because it was paper before and was very hard to track, train and document,” he said. “We knew there’s a powerful tool to utilize.

“We now have the ability to put out all of our written directives, policies, procedures, rules and regulations, any training documents,” he continued. “What we do is upload it into a computerized system. It’s Internet-based and it goes to each one of our officers in the field as well.”

Arming Officers with the Information They Need

The ability for officers to know and follow policies in the field can be a matter of life or death. With PowerDMS, officers no longer have to flip through thick binders of procedures or rely on their memories of obscure policies. Instead, they can do a keyword search to instantly pull up policies on any mobile device. This gives Chew peace of mind that his officers will be able to act swiftly and wisely in critical situations.

“If it happens at 3 o’clock in the morning, [the policy is] at their fingertips on their computer and they can just look it up and follow it verbatim,” he said. “[PowerDMS is] computerized, located centrally and is backed up across the country. Our officers at any time can go in and touch a button and they know exactly what’s expected of them.”

Streamlining Accreditation

PowerDMS also helps New Jersey police agencies streamline their accreditation process. Police Lt. Howard Davenport, who manages training at Delran Police Department, told the Courier-Post that the department used to have a filing cabinet full of accreditation training records. But PowerDMS’s electronic training records have made maintaining and organizing files much simpler.

“With the new system they have here for accreditation in DMS, everything is pretty much all documented on the computer,” he said. “I don’t even need those paper accreditation files anymore.”

Chew also pointed out that PowerDMS makes things much easier during the accreditation assessment process.

“We have our accreditation fully on PowerDMS,” he said. “The assessors from across the country can remotely tap into our organization to see what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and why we’re doing it.”

A Worthwhile Investment

Burlington Township Police Lt. James Sullivan said PowerDMS is well worth the investment.

“We view it as the couple thousand dollars a year that saves a lot of headaches,” he said. “For us, it’s very much a risk management. We view it as money well spent.”

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