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July 12, 2018
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  • Why employee training tracking is important.
  • How to keep track of training for employees.

With all of the different aspects of operations in any given organization, it can be easy to let employee training and development fall by the wayside.

But ongoing employee training and development is an essential part of attracting and keeping great employees. In 2016, 87% of millennials said opportunities for development and career growth were very important to them.

One survey found that 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their job within the first year.

Consistent and high-quality training improves employee productivity and satisfaction. It helps your organization run smoothly, mitigate risks, and meet challenges head-on.

However, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to do ongoing training. Many companies are adopting online training software tools to make it easier to offer more training options.

Online training certainly streamlines training. But it can bring up a new problem.

With a mixture of hands-on, in-person training and online courses that employees complete on their own time, how do you accurately track training hours?

That’s where employee training tracking software comes in.

Employee training tracking software lets you keep full training records for every employee all in one place. It gives you a broad perspective on training in your organization as well as letting you see individual training records.

Why Employee Training Tracking Is Important

It does little good to train employees here and there without keeping track of it. Employee training should be strategic.

The leaders of your organization need to know what training courses employees have completed and how many hours of training they’ve received.

In some industries, keeping accurate and complete training records is mandated by law. But employee training tracking software can be helpful in any industry.

Here are a few of the benefits of employee training tracking:

Easier onboarding new employees

In most organizations, the bulk of employee training happens during the onboarding process. Employee training tracking software can help you ensure that every new employee is equipped with all the information they need.

With a good training management software, you can create a standardized checklist of the training new employees need to complete when joining your organization.

This will probably include standard courses, such as sexual harassment or diversity training. It may also include an overview of the company’s mission, vision, and values, as well as job-specific information.

Employee training tracking software can help you standardize this checklist. It can also create an audit trail to make sure all new employees have completed the training they need.

Improved safety and compliance

Employee training tracking software gives you a way to prove that all employees are up to date with training. Having well-trained employees improves the quality of your operations and services and minimizes safety risks.

Complete training records also reduces your organization’s liability by demonstrating that you are doing everything you can to stay in compliance.

If for example, an employee tries to sue after a workplace accident, you can show that you appropriately trained employees on safety measures.

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Certifications, licensure, and continuing education

For many industries, staying current with certifications, licenses, or continuing education is imperative.

Employee training tracking software lets you track all of these in a central location. This ensures that employees are current and nothing expires.

Many software tools will even allow you to set automatic reminders when renewal deadlines are approaching.

Better data for performance reviews and promotions

Of course, employee training isn’t just about meeting regulatory requirements and training new employees.

The most successful organizations offer employees regular opportunities for growth and development.

Ongoing training helps you raise up leaders from within your organization. It gives you tangible metrics to see which employees are growing their skill sets and improving as part of their team.

Employee training tracking software allows supervisors to set development goals for their team and track what training steps employees took to achieve those goals.

Increased employee motivation and engagement

When employees feel that their employer cares about their professional development, they are more likely to be engaged at work.

A recent survey found that nearly 70% of employees said that training and development was the most important policy in the workplace.

Training and development opportunities help employees feel like they are learning and growing on the job, rather than just remaining stagnant.

This helps them feel valued, and engenders a sense of trust and loyalty between them and the organization. And, in turn, this increases their motivation and productivity.

Training Management Software That Works for You

See for yourself how PowerDMS simplifies how you keep track of your employees' training records.

How to Keep Track of Training for Employees

It’s easy to see the benefits of tracking training. But keeping track of training can be difficult, especially in large companies or organizations with many different departments.

An online training software and document management system can help. Here are a few tips as you get started:

Digitize everything

Your organization likely already has digital training records. However, the records may be scattered across multiple systems and kept in many different formats. This can make it hard to access the records you need and get a full picture of your organization’s training data.

An employee training tracking software provides a central repository for all your digital training records.

Tracking down all your training records and putting them in one place may seem like a major undertaking at first, but it will be worth it in the end.

Two women working together on an employee training system.

With a training management software such as PowerDMS, you can store all your training records in one secure, central location. This allows you to easily access training records for any employee. It can also help you identify trends and gaps in training in your organization.

Give employees a sense of ownership

Company administrators don’t have to carry all the responsibility for tracking employee training.

Giving employees access to their training records and letting them log some of their own hours can give them a sense of ownership in their own development.

Letting employees log their training not only distributes the workload of digitizing their records, but it also allows them to keep track of their development goals, license expiration dates, and so on.

This can be particularly useful in areas where you provide hands-on training or offer opportunities for third-party training.

A training tracking software like PowerDMS allows you to give employees easy access to their training records.

You can set up workflows to ensure that supervisors approve training and verify that the training took place. And you can view the full document history to see who logged hours and when they edited the record.

Set automatic reminders and notifications

Juggling expiration dates and deadlines for certifications and licenses can get confusing. If something falls through the cracks and a license expires, it can be detrimental to both the employee and the company.

With employee training tracking software, administrators and employees don’t have to worry about remembering critical expiration dates for certifications or licenses.

Training software lets you set automatic reminders ahead of the expiration date.

Notifications can be sent to the employee, supervisor, and HR manager as appropriate. This lets the employee take appropriate steps to renew or attend the necessary training so their certification doesn’t lapse.

Integrate with online learning platforms

For internal online training, your employee training tracking software should integrate with your training software.

Find a training software that automatically tracks employee training hours and shows you whenever they complete a training module or online course.

PowerDMS offers online training courses and tracking all in one central location.

For example, you can set up an annual compliance training course in PowerDMS, auto-assign it to employees at the same time every year, and track training to make sure every employee completes the course.

PowerDMS will even send out automatic email reminders to prompt employees to complete the training.

Two people reviewing employee training records using PowerDMS.

Track as much data as relevant

There are some obvious data points to track for every online training course. Every training record should include the title of the course, the date of training, completion status, performance outcome, and the training expiration date.

However, there may be other pieces of data that can help your organization improve training.

For example, is there a particular policy, regulation, or compliance standard the training relates to? Are there pre-requisites or follow-ups that need to be completed? Where did the training take place? Who was the instructor? Was the training mandatory or voluntary?

A system such as PowerDMS lets you easily track all of these data points in one place.

You can even gather additional feedback and data by attaching quizzes and surveys to training courses. This can help you see areas where course content can be improved, or places where training may be unclear or missing important information.

Give leadership visibility into training

By housing training records all in one place, employee training tracking software gives your organization's leaders a full picture of training.

A software such as PowerDMS lets you see how many people have completed a certain training. This can help if specific issues arise.

For example, if there are increased incidents of sexual harassment, your organization’s leadership can quickly look and see if there’s a need to improve or refresh the training.

On the other hand, employee training tracking software also enables you to pinpoint individual training issues.

For example, if a certain employee keeps messing up the cover sheet on his TPS Report, you can quickly see the last time he went through training. If he completed the training within the last six months, you could put him on a performance improvement plan.

With good training management software, you can run training reports to prove compliance and ensure that every employee has completed the required training.

Improving your employee training tracking may seem like a daunting task. Gathering all your organization’s training records, and setting up a new system can be time-intensive at first.

But in the end, employee training tracking software such as PowerDMS can save your organization time and energy, improve your training, and ensure compliance.

Training management software gives you a complete picture of training in your organization, increases employee engagement, and ultimately benefits your organization as a whole.

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