Three government employees review a policy document in PowerDMS.
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May 2, 2019

Transparency and trust are essential for government and public safety to create an effective and strong community. In fact, many states have laws mandating certain documents – such as policies and procedures – be made available to the public.

However, the time and resources required to post the documents, and keep them up to date, can be costly. Files need to be collected, server space needs to be acquired, and someone needs to ensure the latest revisions are given to IT for upload.

Despite your best intentions – the process can be rather tedious.

A Better Way

With PowerDMS, there is a better way.

Our Public-Facing Documents feature allows you to publish documents to the public, all from the same, best-in-breed document management solution where you are already storing, editing, and distributing your crucial information.

The best part? The process can be managed without IT involvement.

The process is easy. After enabling this premium add-on, simply change the document settings to Public, and a dedicated URL will be created and anyone in the public can access the file directly from our servers. You also get your own webpage with links to all the documents you’ve made available, organized in folders just like in PowerDMS.

You control which files are shared. You control how they’re organized. And you control how your community accesses your files.

To make things even easier, every time you publish a new version of a file in PowerDMS, it is automatically updated on your public website. No more waiting for IT. No more out-of-date files. You are in control.

  • "With Public-Facing Documents and PowerDMS, in two clicks we can … ensure our citizens have access to the most current policies and procedures – the same ones our officers are referencing daily."

    • Robert Quick
    • Lieutenant, Best Practices Unit
    • Baltimore Police Department

    Get Started

    Getting started is easy. If you are a PowerDMS user, let us know you are interested and we can talk about adding this feature to your account. It integrates seamlessly with your current PowerDMS subscription and you can begin sharing crucial documents with your community with just a few clicks.

    If you aren’t already using PowerDMS, there are countless ways you will benefit from a robust document management solution.

    We provide a cloud-based tool to manage, organize, distribute, and track all of your crucial policy, training, and accreditation information from one secure location. This will help you increase efficiency within your team and build trust in your community. PowerDMS is also a turnkey solution for complying with state laws mandating law enforcement and other public safety policies are posted online.

    All you have to do is go to and let us know you are interested. We can set you up with a free demo, and you’ll see for yourself the time and cost savings you will achieve using PowerDMS with Public-Facing Documents.