The PowerDMS Give Back Committee (GBC) is a huge advocate of education—in any way, shape or form. When the Bridges of Light Foundation was first introduced to the Bridges of Light LogoCommittee, there was resounding support and eagerness to get involved. By donating to the Foundation, the GBC was able to enrich educational-tutoring programs created to prevent illiteracy and empower young students residing at foster care facilities. The primary focus is to help students who were previously faced with abandonment, abuse or neglect to overcome adversity and pave the way for a bright future. Since its inception in 2004, the Bridges of Light Foundation has helped countless Central Florida students increase their grade point averages, while helping them find purpose—inside and outside of the classroom. For more information on how you can contribute to this inspiring organization and impact the lives of students in need, visit their website at  Coalition for the Homeless Logo

The Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida has continued to provide unwavering support and encouragement for their community and residents over the past 26 years. We always enjoy lending a helping hand, especially when they need assistance with donations. PowerDMSers love collecting items for donation drives—clothing drives, food drives, you name it. This month was no exception. When the opportunity arose to host an Immediate Needs Item Drive to collect items, such as men’s flip flops and undergarments, we jumped at the chance to pitch in. To help out even further, we made a financial contribution to ensure they secure as many immediate-needs items as possible. Interested in donating or hosting a drive of your own? Check out their website at for details.