Moving from an installed solution, i.e. one your IT team manages locally, to a hosted or cloud-based solution can be nerve-racking if you’re unsure of what’s involved and why making the switch is beneficial. We receive a multitude of questions on a daily basis regarding security, access, the overall migration process and much more. Contra Costa County’s Stephanie Williams, a PowerDMS customer for five years, shares her experience of joining the ranks of the hundreds of PowerDMS customers who migrated from installed to hosted. We hope this paints a clearer picture of why it’s time to consider the cloud.

Question:  Why did you migrate from a local install to a PowerDMS hosted solution?
Answer:  Our IT department informed us that the server PowerDMS was on needed to be replaced. We decided to move to hosted due to the cost of replacing the server, and our IT department was
short staffed.

Q:  What reservations did you have before migrating from local to hosted?
A:  We did not have any reservations other than losing the ability to test newer versions prior to upgrading.

Q:  How did your agency benefit from moving to hosted?
A:  I was fortunate to have terrific IT support. I was usually able to arrange for PowerDMS technical support and our IT team to address a problem or to perform an upgrade within a 24-hour period; however, I have heard that other agencies are not so lucky.

Q:  What was the process like for your team to move to hosted?
A:  It was smooth—we planned the migration on a Friday, and it was completed by the following Monday.

Q:  What frustrated you the most during the migration process?
A:  No frustrations.

Q:  How did migrating to a hosted environment affect your team’s workflow?
A:  I believe the system was down for one day, at most.

Q:  Why would you recommend other agencies migrate from local to hosted?
A:  Unless you have a super IT department that can be available to perform upgrades and assist with technical support, you will find yourself on an older version of PowerDMS. You won’t be able to have the benefits of the bells and whistles that come with a newer version or upgrade. There are bugs or problems that need to be fixed occasionally, and without the ability to get new upgrades, you will have a system that does not work as well. Since we have moved to the hosted environment, upgrades occur and we don’t have to be involved – I have had to make fewer calls to PowerDMS as a result.

I also have the added benefit to access the system when I am away at training or outside my office.