During a time when police actions are under increased scrutiny, local law enforcement agencies in Missouri are doing more to be held accountable. A recent story that aired on KOAM TV in Missouri highlights how Joplin Police Department and Jasper County Sheriff’s Office have invested in PowerDMS for online policy and training management, and to better prepare their officers for the job.

“Officers can type in pursuits, and it pops up with the policy, so it’s much quicker and much easier to work with than having to go through a book,” says Sergeant Chad Dininger with the Joplin Police Department. “If we don’t follow the national guidelines set out throughout the United States and our own policies, then it could set us up for failure and it could set the officer up for failure of not knowing what to do.”

Both the Joplin Police Department and Jasper County Sheriff’s Office use PowerDMS to manage policies and training. Joplin city employees also use it to track policy changes and updates.


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