As National Police Week (May 7-14) approaches, I take a step back to reflect on my background and why I started PowerDMS. Beginning my career with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office outside of Tampa, Fla., gave me the foundation and appreciation I have today for those who care about our safety and put themselves in danger for us—every single day.

National Police Week honors tens of thousands of law enforcement officers and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Approximately 30,000 law enforcement professionals will descend upon Washington, D.C. where there is a Peace Officers’ Memorial for a conference, competitions and memorial services.

Juli Adcock wrote an interesting article about “The Challenges Ahead” for law enforcement and the significance of National Police Week and what it is honoring. It reminds me that citizens often take our protection and peace for granted, and sometimes forget the struggles they, too, endure.

We, at PowerDMS, salute law enforcement professionals and celebrate this special week with you. To learn more about National Police Week, visit,and thank an officer next time you see one.