We’ve spoken to thousands of compliance professionals nationwide and consistently hear the same message – there is a lack of an efficient process to reduce their organizations risk and liability.

The majority of organizations are still using binders, filing cabinets or a shared network drive to store and control crucial content. They continue to print massive manuals and ship large cartons of information to assessors. This is taking up valuable physical space in their offices and costing thousands of dollars for paper, printing and shipping. Shared drives help, but don’t completely solve the problem. Ideally an organization would use a web-based solution encompassing every aspect of the compliance process – from policy creation and sign off to training and testing employees.

At PowerDMS, we are passionate about our software solution and know it can solve these issues. Check out this infographic to help explain why we feel this way, and learn why over 1,300 organizations have made the switch to PowerDMS.

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Top 5 Reason to Switch to PowerDMS