Paperless Survey Prep

CIHQ Standards are now in PowerDMS

It’s easier than ever to prepare for your CIHQ survey with PowerDMS. As the industry’s leader in electronic accreditation tools, PowerDMS provides a more efficient, user friendly, paperless method for preparing for your survey.

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  • Ensure Survey Readiness

    PowerDMS allows you to conduct a self-survey by crosswalking your policies and non-clinical documentation to the CIHQ standards.

    Eliminate Chaos

    PowerDMS empowers your staff with the information they need by storing and managing policies, procedures, meeting minutes, care logs, and more. Content can be accessed anytime from a phone or tablet.

  • Eliminate Binders

    With bookmarks, tagging, and keyword search; surveyors can quickly and easily find any of your non-clinical documentation with a click of a button.

    Chasing policies isn’t easy.

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    We’ll reach back out to you shortly to schedule a demo.