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Protect Against Costly Compliance Violations

Compliance violations are extremely costly and are often the result of a lack of understanding or knowledge by your staff. Protect your time and resources by ensuring employees have 24/7 access to the information they need to stay in compliance.

  • Automatically manage and store document revisions in the cloud
  • Ensure only the most up-to-date version of a document is accessible by staff
  • Easily track credentials and certifications for each employee
  • Set reminders for review and re-certification so nothing falls through the cracks

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Improve Organizational Communication and Accountability

Lack of communication and accountability can do untold damage to your organization’s reputation and quality of care. Hold your staff accountable to your standards and expectations by electronically tracking who has read and acknowledged key policies, procedures, and protocols.

  • Develop customized training courses to align employees with your mission and vision
  • Streamline how staff access and search for policies and procedures
  • Quickly find the most current version of any document in a matter of seconds
  • Access crucial content 24/7 from any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone

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CSU (CO) Health Network

Saving a year’s worth of AAAHC prep time and over $139k with PowerDMS.

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Turnkey Solution

Get started with little to no support from your IT department. Our turnkey solution gets you up and running in the cloud and in control of your documents without having to wait on others to get work done.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of keeping track of paper policies and sign-off sheets
  • No servers to manage or security to set up
  • Secure, central repository stores all documents in a searchable system you control
  • Integration with Active Directory and Single Sign On for an added layer of security and convenience

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Accreditation Made Easy

We partner with more than 30 accrediting bodies to make your accreditation process easier and smoother. Cut accreditation prep time by as much as 50% by storing your documentation in PowerDMS.

  • No more binders
  • No more filing cabinets
  • Attach proofs of compliance to electronic standards inside of PowerDMS
  • Know when a standard changes and see which policies might be impacted with automated alerts

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