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Difficulty Finding Information?

With COVID-19, the speed in which information changed meant that static policy management solutions put staff at risk of referencing outdated information. Can employees quickly and easily find job critical documents when they need it most?

Preparing for an Accreditation Survey?

Many organizations still rely on paper and binders to prepare for their survey. Paper processes are more time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors, leaving your organization at risk of non-compliance during a survey.

Trouble With Document Control?

Ensuring policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and revised can be a job in itself without automation tools or workflows. Can you keep policies current without having to manage tedious spreadsheets or lengthy email chains?

Single Source of Truth

  • Store policies and procedures in the cloud to ensure anytime, anywhere access
  • Ensure only the most up-to-date version of a document is accessible by staff
  • Intuitive keyword search, tagging, and bookmarks makes searching for policies and procedures quick and easy
  • Employees can bookmark documents that are most important to them

Accreditation Made Easy

We partner with more than 30 accrediting bodies including AAAHC, CIHQ, DNV, and The Joint Commission to make your survey process easier and smoother. Cut survey prep time by as much as 50% by utilizing PowerDMS for your next survey.

  • Eliminate binders
  • Electronically crosswalk policies and procedures to accreditation standards
  • Ensure survey readiness with mock survey tools
  • Be alerted when a standards change impacts one of your policies or procedures

Powerful Document Control Tools

  • Automatically maintain an audit trail of who, what, and when a document was changed
  • Automate document reviews to avoid having policies fall through the cracks
  • Collaborative workflows make it easy for policy owners to enlist the help of SMEs without the back-and-forth email chains
  • Electronic signature capture ensures employees attest to critical policies and procedures

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