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Get control of your crucial policy and training documents with PowerDMS.

Managing all of the policy and training documents across the city government can feel like herding cats. Every department has their own way of doing things, putting the burden on you to try and keep track of it all.

Bring consistency and accountability to your whole city by simplifying the way you store, edit, and distribute your most important documents using our secure, paperless policy and training software.


Tracking Made Easy

Turnkey policy-tracking system

Never worry about out of date policies. Quickly search for and find the most up-to-date version from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

At-a-glance training records

Easily see everyone who has completed mandatory training and host your own online training courses.

See how Henderson, NV, implemented a whole-city document solution. Read Case Study


Reduce liability & increase effectiveness by making sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Keep track of who has read and signed each policy, holding each employee accountable.


Simplify new employee training with online courses and predefined reading lists.

Simplify and Save

Save money and the environment

Go paperless with our cloud-based software and you’ll never have to print out a handbook or update again.

Streamline document approval process

Stop spending time trying to track down approvals on policy changes – track all your edits, comments, and workflows tracking from one secure, integrated solution.

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Take the next step in efficiency and excellence and let us show you how easy your job of tracking, editing, and distributing content can be.

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