Case Study

Gallup, NM Police Department

How PowerDMS became a digital one-stop shop for all their crucial content.

About Gallup PD

Gallup, NM is unique in that it sees a large number of weekend crowds from its neighboring rural communities. We interviewed Detective Jon Whitsitt to hear how they are overcoming these unique challenges.

Jon Whitsitt

Jon Whitsitt


Gallup Police Department, New Mexico

Interview Highlights: Challenges Gallup Faced


  • Population spikes force Gallup PD to be creative with limited resources
  • Policy binders are unreliable, often causing employees to reference outdated content
  • Critical content cannot be accessed from mobile devices or on the go


  • PowerDMS frees up staff from administrative tasks to focus on high-level thinking
  • All policies are securely stored online and employees only see the most up-to-date revisions
  • PowerDMS Mobile allows for policy reference and acknowledgment on the go

What are some of the challenges unique to your department?

Jon Whitsitt:

We receive funding based on our population - 25,000 people - but that doesn't account for the massive influx we experience on the weekends. Due to Gallup's developed commercial areas, residents of the surrounding rural cities regularly commute there for banking, healthcare, and shopping needs. This means our officers need to work both smarter and harder and learn to do more with fewer resources.

"PowerDMS has allowed us to save quite a bit of money and made us more efficient. It’s a win-win situation.”

  • Jon Whitsitt
  • Detective
  • Gallup, NM Police Department

What drove your department's decision to go paperless?

Jon Whitsitt:

An audit revealed we had lost some case files over the years. After we digitized case files, we saw how much time and money it saved our department and started looking for other things we could digitize. Standard operating procedures were the logical next choice to address. That's where PowerDMS came in.

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What was your process like before PowerDMS?

Jon Whitsitt:

Before PowerDMS, everything was done on paper. Our 50 officers were each responsible for a 420-page standard operating procedure binder. Whenever a policy was updated, it would be disseminated via paper, and it was the officers’ responsibility to update it in their binders. What ended up happening was officers wouldn’t actually replace the old policy, but put the new policy in the front sleeve of the binder. This inevitably led to officers referencing outdated policies, and misplacing physical policy revisions.

How has PowerDMS improved your policy management processes?

Jon Whitsitt:

All of our SOPs and forms are kept safe in a single place, so there’s no risk of losing or referencing old policies. Our officers can access critical content at any moment and it’s very cost effective compared to the money and resources we spent on our previous process. The officers love how easy the platform is to use and how they don’t need to dig through boxes or binders to find what they need.”

“PowerDMS can be accessed from everywhere, is easy to navigate, and allows us to send updates to officers.”

  • Jon Whitsitt
  • Detective
  • Gallup (NM) Police Department

Additional Ways Gallup PD Will Benefit From PowerDMS

Central location to communicate all daily information

Replace some in-person training hours with online

Reduce overtime training costs by thousands of dollars

Reduce administrative and paper costs

Crucial Content in Crucial Situations

See how PowerDMS helps keep your officers prepared in all situations



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