Illinois Distinguished Park & Recreation Accreditation Program

New partnership with PowerDMS provides an electronic method to complete the accreditation process.

Benefits of PowerDMS

Makes managing the accreditation process easy

Simplifies the management of all agency content

Is accessible on any laptop or mobile device

Eliminates paper to save thousands in printing costs

An Easier Way to Get Accredited

PowerDMS comes equipped with the Illinois Distinguished Accreditation Park and Recreation Standards Manual. Electronically attach policies and evidence of compliance to each standard to cut accreditation preparation time in half.

  • You can save over 12,000 sheets of paper using PowerDMS for your next accreditation. Get a Demo

  • Provide Evidence of Reviewed/Approved Documentation

    Collaborative workflow tools ensure documents are automatically reviewed and approved on the required schedule. PowerDMS’s reporting tools provide the evidence of compliance needed to meet the standards.

    Create, Manage, and Track Training Online

    Deliver your training videos and PowerPoint presentations online. Powerful tracking and reporting makes producing evidence of compliance easy.

  • "PowerDMS helps a park district put real green practices into their accreditation processes. Eliminating storage boxes full of paper shows you truly are putting your words into practice.”

    • Steve Cherveny, CPRP
    • Retired, 18 Year Accreditation Board Member

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