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ILEAP Accreditation:

It’s easier than you think.

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Getting ILEAP accredited is attainable.

Jeff Hamer, ILEAP Coordinator and Lt. at Macomb PD, discussed why being accredited matters and how you're already 80% of the way there.

  • Why accreditation matters? And how it protects your agency from costly litigation.
  • The benefits of accreditation to both your agency and city.
  • What you're already doing and what's left in order to achieve accreditation
  • Tips for making accreditation easier including a demonstration of PowerDMS.

About Jeff Hamer

ILEAP Coordinator for the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

Jeff Hamer

Hamer coordinates the accreditation process for accredited agencies as wellas departments preparing to become accredited.

Hamer is also in his 17th year at Macomb Police Department. As a Lieutenant, Hamer’s duties involve supervising the third shift patrol officers, the Sex Offender and Community Notification Program, ILEAP Accreditation Manager, and functioned as the Tactical Commander for the multi-agency Strategic Response Team (SRT).

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