ACA Accreditation Manuals

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Correctional Facilities



The standards created by the American Correctional Association represent fundamental correctional practices that ensure staff and inmate safety and security, enhance staff morale, improve record maintenance and data management capabilities, assist in protecting the agency against litigation, and improve the function of the facility or agency at all levels. 


Manuals Available in PowerDMS

  • Standards for Adult Correctional Boot Camp Programs (ABC)
  • Standards for the Administration of Correctional Agencies (ACA)
  • Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services (ACRS)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Adult Local Detention Facilities (ALDF)
  • Standards or Adult Parole Authorities (APA)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Adult Probation and Parole Field Services (APPFS)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Correctional Industries (CI)
  • Core Jail Standards (CJ)
  • Standards for Correctional Training Academies (CTA)
  • Standards for Electronic Monitoring Programs (EM)
  • Certification Standards for Food Service Programs (FSP)
  • International Correctional Core Standards (ICCS)
  • Standards for Juvenile Correctional Boot Camp Programs (JBC)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Juvenile Corrections Facilities (JCF)
  • Standards for Juvenile Community Residential Facilities (JCRF)
  • Standards for Juvenile Detention Facilities (JDF)
  • Standards for Juvenile Day Treatment Programs (JDTP)
  • Standards for Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Services (JPAS)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Correctional Health Care in Adult Correctional Institutions (PBHC-ACI)
  • Standards for Small Juvenile Detention Facilities (SJDF)
  • Performance-Based Standards for Therapeutic Communities (TC)

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