A Beginner’s Guide to Online Training

Learn tips for cutting overtime costs and automating annual training.

How much does your agency spend in training costs?

Monroe County Sheriff's Office saved $87,000 by taking training online.

Classroom training is expensive and requires physical materials and overtime costs. Online training is one-to-many, inexpensive, and not dependent on officers being in a classroom. Download this guide to learn the principles of online training and reduce your yearly retraining hours.

In the guide, we’ll cover:

  • The five advantages online training has over classroom training
  • The four steps to training success (Engage, Track, Assess, Listen)
  • How online training helps with certification and redundant annual retraining
  • Tips for ensuring employees retain and remember training when it counts the most.

A group of employees review an SOP manual together.

Online training allows you to engage your employees in a way that makes them want to learn. Instead of sitting in a classroom accruing overtime, they can learn from the comfort of their desks.