White Paper

Developing Constitutional & Effective Policies

Insights from multiple experts on quality policy development.

"A balanced philosophy of policing is one that protects both your officers and the community"

Learn from the hard-won insights of seasoned experts.

In 2015, PowerDMS and Daigle Law Group hosted the Policy Development Summit. The aim was to distill policy-writing best practices from law enforcement leaders into a guiding document. We hope this white paper helps you strengthen the defensibility of your policies and drive more accountability throughout your ranks.

The result of the summit is this critical piece of research that includes:

  • Insights from law enforcement chiefs, lieutenants, and legal experts on mistakes they’ve seen and proven methods to protecting your agency and community
  • How to avoid the expensive mistakes of agencies in the headlines
  • The three-part recipe for consistent, accountable, constitutional policing
  • How to reword your weak policies to be specific, strong, and comprehensive

"Policies and procedures are the first line of defense against risk for any law enforcement agency. If we're sued for an incident involving one of our officers, it's important to show we had a policy in place providing direction, and that the employee was trained on the policy."

  • Steve Hebbe, Chief of Police
  • Farmington Police Department