Managing Complex Government Procedures With Newly Mobile Workforces

Watch how Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is leveraging cloud technology to adapt to challenges of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the workplace. However, for public-sector leaders, suspending services isn’t an option.

Being able to adapt to an increasingly mobile workforce is crucial during these unprecedented times. Hear from our panel of compliance professionals as we discuss:

  • Adapting existing crisis plans to meet the current needs
  • Updating policies and procedures to reflect the "new normal"
  • Reducing the reliance on physical materials when going to the office isn't possible
  • The continued importance of compliance now more than ever

Our Panel

Agnes Carswell, Public Records Manager at Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Freda Byrd, Public Records Supervisor at Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Kevin Larose-Renner, Written Directives Supervisor at Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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