Critical Incident Response Training: School Shooter Preparedness

Featuring Legal Expert Eric Daigle, Esq.


Law enforcement legal expert Eric Daigle shares how Critical Incident Response Training can help officers prepare for the unpredictable.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following topics with Daigle Law Group founder and NTOA Legal Section Chair, Eric Daigle:

  • How Critical Incident Training helps police officers prepare for traumatic events
  • How school shootings have affected reality training curriculums
  • How to properly orient your policies and training around school shootings
  • How PowerDMS helps improve your response time

Attorney Daigle will also show how agencies can use technology to track officer training and store critical content, such as school maps and hazard plans. He’ll demonstrate how technology empowers law enforcement agencies to be operationally effective in school shooter situations.

Our Guest: Attorney Eric Daigle

Attorney Eric Daigle

Attorney Daigle acts as a legal advisor to police departments across the country and provides legal advice to law enforcement command staff and officers in the areas of legal liability, internal affairs, discipline, policy drafting, employment issues, use of force, laws of arrest, and search and seizure.

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