Accountability, Accessibility, & Automation in the Fire Service

Featuring Battalion Chief Todd Tuttle, Greensboro Fire Department


Holding your staff accountable to critical content doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.
You just need the right tools.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following topics with Battalion Chief Todd Tuttle:

  • Giving firefighters access to protocols, shift information, and floor plans from their mobile device
  • Producing high-level reports on who has seen and signed crucial departmental content, driving accountability through the ranks
  • Utilizing workflows to automate policy reviews and distribute them over the course of a year
  • Managing all critical content in one central repository, cutting the cost of wasted time and money on paper and manual processes

Our Guest: Battalion Chief Todd Tuttle

As the Battalion Chief of the Performance & Accountability Group, Chief Tuttle collects, researches, and analyzes data that supports the department's mission and vision.

Chief Todd Tuttle

Chief Tuttle will speak to his department's experience with PowerDMS and how he ensures firefighters can access critical content in critical moments.

He'll also be available at the end of the webinar to answer any questions about PowerDMS, automation, or operational excellence in the fire service.

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