Past Webinars

Daigle Webinar Series

  • Speaker: Eric Daigle

PowerDMS is excited to announce a free webinar series, featuring nationally-recognized law enforcement legal expert Attorney Eric Daigle of the Daigle Law Group, LLC. In this five part series, Attorney Daigle will delve into hot topics, such as DOJ findings post-Ferguson, body worn cameras and crowd control, and offer invaluable guidance for developing and implementing legally-defensible policies. This is one training you can't afford to miss!

Top 10 CALEA Accreditation Best Practices

  • Speaker: Rob Sofie and Melissa Dixon

What do eating an elephant and tackling your CALEA accreditation have in common? Join our panel of experts for Top 10 CALEA Accreditation Best Practices to find out. You'll learn this and nine other best practice tips for getting started with, and effectively conquering, your CALEA accreditation.

Simplify Your PREA Audit With Technology

  • Speaker: Gerald Grogan & David Haasenritter

Cpt. Gerald Grogan with Newport News Sheriff's Office and Asst. Deputy David Haasenritter with the Army Review Board Agency recently conducted a successful PREA Audit at the Newport News Sheriff's Office. Take this unique opportunity to hear from both the agency being audited and the participating auditor about how the use of technology made for a smooth sailing audit process.

Operational Readiness For Healthcare Survey

  • Speaker: Barbara Duffy

PowerDMS joined forces with healthcare industry veteran, Barbara Duffy, to bring you important tips to prepare you for your next healthcare survey. You’ll learn new ways to maintain continual readiness; demonstrate compliance; assign tasks to team members and quickly respond to any survey.

Developing Legally Defensible Policies for Effective & Constitutional Policing

  • Speaker: Eric Daigle

PowerDMS understands the value of developing legally sound policies and procedures. We’ve joined forces with nationally known legal consultant, Attorney Eric Daigle of the Daigle Law Group, LLC, to bring you a webinar focusing on this important topic.