Past Webinars

Developing Legally Defensible Policies for Effective & Constitutional Policing

  • Speaker: Eric Daigle

PowerDMS understands the value of developing legally sound policies and procedures. We’ve joined forces with nationally known legal consultant, Attorney Eric Daigle of the Daigle Law Group, LLC, to bring you a webinar focusing on this important topic.

Before-and-After: Transforming Policies and Procedures Webinar

  • Speaker: Karl Keller

Karl Keller, principal of Communication Partners, presents before/after makeovers of three policy/procedure documents. You will see exactly how to improve your own documents by seeing how real world examples are transformed.

Five Essential Components of an Effective Policies & Procedures Program

  • Speaker: Raymond Urgo

Join the internationally recognized P&P authority Raymond Urgo to learn the essential components and reasons for having a balanced investment in organizational P&P, and the consequences when unbalanced. He will share leading-edge practices for P&P and his observations as to where most organizations stand in their P&P investments. Topics related to P&P programs will include the content development process, communicating content, organizing content, the emerging role of technology for P&P, and the needs for P&P expertise.

Making Policies and Procedures Work

  • Speaker: Karl Keller

This webinar by Karl Keller will introduce you to THE most important factor in developing effective standards documents: insightful critical thinking. Effective standards documents require more than just clear writing. They require a logical framework that's transparent, usable, and searchable. You need to shape each document, group of documents, and entire body of documents so that a reader reads them and says, "Ah, ha! I get it!"

Policies & Procedures for the 21st Century Organization

  • Speaker: Raymond Urgo

This presentation by policy and procedure expert Raymond Urgo introduces you to P&P communication as a body of knowledge, while exploring the latest trends and best practices for developing and managing P&P systems and information -- thus transforming performance for the 21st Century organization.