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Use PowerDMS to showcase how your agency delivers transparent, safe, and accountable law enforcement services.

Safe Policing for Safe Communities

Responding to executive order signed into law on June 16, 2020.

How does PowerDMS help police?

  • Disseminates and tests on policy that
    keep officers safe.
  • Ensures the acknowledgment of critical policy for
    improved accountability.
  • Makes select policies digitally available to the public for
    greater transparency.

In their own words: How PowerDMS helps the Baltimore Police.

How does it work?

1. Centralize your policies in the cloud

Grant Access: All officers can easily access and reference your policies from anywhere at any time.

Version control: Your officers only ever see the latest most up-to-date version of your policy.

2. Make policy updates with ease

Compliance alerts: Get notified of upcoming audits, annual reviews, and policy changes.

Suggested edits: Automatically crawls your current policies and tells you which ones need updating.

3. Train and test officers online

Reduce overtime: Administer tests and trainings online. Officers train in their downtime instead of their off-time.

Ensure comprehension: See who in your department hasn’t yet trained or passed your tests.

4. Collect e-signatures

Drive accountability: Get electronically verifiable sign-off on policies from every officer.

Provide transparency: Pull up a copy of an officer’s signature and proof that they were properly trained.

5. Track compliance

Track department-wide: See completions of tests, trainings, and policy updates across your department at a glance.

Drill down into gaps: Get the details on missing signatures, and who has or has not completed trainings.

6. Publish policies for the public

Full transparency: Share always up-to-date policies with your community without going to IT.

Control what’s public: Decide which documents are published publicly and which stay private.

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