State of Policy in Law Enforcement

Policy and training trends collected from hundreds of agencies across the nation.

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Policy and Training Trends Impacting Policing

We've heard from hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country concerning their current state of policy and training.

Every year, PowerDMS conducts a survey of law enforcement leaders from across the country to help agencies understand how current views on policies and training will impact the future of law enforcement. The results are published in the annual State of Policy in Law Enforcement report.

It’s now time for the 2018 edition. We’ve collected surveys from hundreds of law enforcement leaders and are compiling the data for the report that will be released in October.

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The State of Policy in Law Enforcement report helps agencies better understand the role policies and training play in protecting their officers and reputations from harm.

2017 Takeaways

Policy Management

Most agencies agree that policies should be reviewed and updated constantly.

A majority of respondents agree that policies should be reviewed and updated constantly to ensure they serve an agency’s needs and protect officers and the community. Only four percent said you should take a look at them as needed or when there is a system failure or other evidence that they are not.

2017 Takeaways

Training Management

In 2017, agencies have 
seen an increased need 
for training.

With the recent changes in policing, it is no surprise that 78 percent of agencies said they have an increased need for training. Think of all those new policies being added and the training that needs to take place to ensure they are effective. Several agencies reported they have more of a need for “social issue” training than ever before and are heavily focused on use of force and de-escalation.

Download the free 2017 report and hear what agencies said about:

  • New issue-based and technology-focused policies, including Narcan, drones, and body-worn cameras
  • Frequency of which policies are being reviewed and updated and how this is communicated
  • Finding new and creative ways to supplement their limited training budgets
  • And so much more

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