State of Policy in Law Enforcement

Policy and training trends from over 300 agencies across the nation.

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How Does Your Agency Compare?

We’ve heard from 343 law enforcement agencies from 46 states concerning their current state of policy and training.

As a law enforcement leader, you’re no doubt committed to preserving the safety and accountability of your personnel, and the trust of the communities they serve. But how do you gauge your effectiveness? How do you measure your agency against others when it comes to constitutional policing?

The answers to these questions can be found in the State of Policy 2017 report, which contains insight from over 300 agencies, including where they turn for policy advice, how they communicate policies to officers, and how they’re combatting a loss of training funds.

Download the free report and hear what agencies said about:

  • New issue-based and technology-focused policies, including Narcan, drones, and body-worn cameras
  • Frequency of which policies are being reviewed and updated and how this is communicated
  • Finding new and creative ways to supplement their limited training budgets
  • And so much more

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Your copy is in your inbox ready for download.

The State of Policy in Law Enforcement report helps agencies better understand the role policies and training play in protecting their officers and reputations from harm.

From the 2016 Report

We learned:

  • Agencies appreciate the importance of policies when it comes to helping operations run smoothly
  • Agencies are increasingly using digital tools to improve accountability and transparency
  • A small percentage of agencies felt they had the budget needed to train officers properly

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Policy Management

Percentage of agencies reporting policies are “very important” for:

99% of respondents agree increased agency liability, civil lawsuits, and inconsistency in actions are the biggest potential consequences of poor policy management.

Training Management

Percentage of agencies reporting they currently use high-tech training:

Only 26% of respondents felt they have the budget needed to afford as much training as they think is necessary and 45% report they are looking for ways to extend training dollars for supplemental training.