State of Policy in Law Enforcement

Policy and training trends collected from hundreds of agencies across the nation.

How Does Your Agency Stack Up?

We’ve heard from over 250 law enforcement professionals across the country concerning policy and training trends impacting policing.

As a law enforcement leader, your top priorities must be preserving the safety and accountability of your officers or deputies and protecting the lives of citizens. But how do you gauge your effectiveness? How do you measure your agency against others? How do you know you’re doing your best?

The answers to these questions can be found in the State of Policy 2018 report, which delivers insight and trends from over 250 law enforcement leaders like you. Learn where they turn for policy advice, how they communicate policies to officers, and how they’re improving officer training in spite of smaller budgets.

Download the free report and hear what agencies said about:

  • How often they believe policies should be reviewed and updated
  • What is most important when ensuring policies are put into practice
  • Where they turn for policy development advice
  • What is driving the development of new policies
  • Whether they have enough training dollars to do what is expected of them
  • And much more

The State of Policy in Law Enforcement report helps agencies better understand the role policies and training play in protecting their officers and reputations from harm.

2018 Takeaways

Policy Management

Agencies agree that policies should be reviewed constantly

The majority of respondents agree that policies should be reviewed and updated constantly to ensure the content serves an agency’s needs and protects officers and the community. On the other hand, 27% think that once you have a policy in place, it should serve as the basis for behavior for a few years so staff can become accustomed to it. Only 3% said you should take a look at policies as needed or when there is evidence that they are not working as they should.

2018 Takeaways

Training Management

The majority of agencies reported they have an increased need for training.

As agencies respond to constant changes in policing, it’s no surprise that 80% said they have an increased need for training. A large number of agencies mentioned they must increase training to keep up with societal changes and are heavily focused on use of force and de-escalation.

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