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Many policy management solutions let you store, organize, create, disseminate, and track policies. But very few create a living connection between your policies, training, and accreditation.

How much does policy software cost?

The cost of policy management software can depend on many variables including base cost, number of licenses, contract length, add-ons.


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PowerDMS serves more than 5,500 public and private sector customers worldwide. Now high-trust organizations in any industry can be preventative, instead of reactive.

Law enforcement agencies trust PowerDMS to:

  • Keep officers informed of the latest policies and training
  • Improve accountability with electronic signature capture and tracking
  • Promote transparency with the communities they serve


Law Enforcement

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Healthcare organizations trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees with a single source of truth
  • Automate policy reviews and updates
  • Reduce the time it takes to prep for an onsite survey


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Emergency communication centers trust PowerDMS to:

  • Ensure you’re staffed with the right people: quality, quantity, availability
  • Improve scheduling communications and visibility across the center
  • Train your staff for each career stage: recruit, call-taker, dispatcher, CTO
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Fire/EMS departments trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide 24/7 access to SOPs/SOGs from any internet enabled device
  • Increase efficiency by simplifying internal processes and communication
  • Quickly share the latest information on risks, tactics, and procedures
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Municipalities trust PowerDMS to:

  • Bring consistency to all city employees with a secure, central repository of policies
  • Efficiently track, communicate, and capture policy changes and e-signatures
  • Simplify employee onboarding by combining training and policies in one system
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Corrections departments trust PowerDMS to:

  • Modernize outdated policy management practices
  • Reduce the time and effort required to prepare for an audit
  • Efficiently store, manage, and distribute any and all job critical information


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Corporations trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees anytime access to policies and procedures
  • Hold employees accountable to the expectations created by the company
  • Create custom policy workflows to meet the unique needs of each department
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Cannabis retailers trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees a central repository of all job critical documents and training
  • Efficiently create, store, update, and collaborate on policy changes
  • Create online courses to reduce the cost and complexity of in-person training

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Learn why 4,000+ customers trust PowerDMS for policy management and compliance.

Mennonite Village

powerdms-arielle-schultz-quote (1)
"I don't even know what we would do if we had to go back to the old system. I would probably leave... it [PowerDMS] works so well."

Arielle Schultz - Mennonite Village (OR)

Baltimore Police Department

"It's a very very good thing for leadership because our organizational expectations can now be communicated in a way that we can definitively measure." 

Kevin Davis - Police Commissioner at Baltimore Police Department

Memphis Police Communications

"It's critical in an environment such as ours where anything we do is subject to open records and also litigation in court." 

Sean Lovejoy - Memphis Police Communications (TN)

University of Central Florida Police Department

"It gave me a level of confidence to know that my people operating in the field were operating with good information, good solid polices, and we had the documentation to back it up."

Chief Richard Beary - Former President of IACP

Atlanta Department of Corrections

"The customer service to me is like a fortune 500 club. They are awesome!" 

Quessie Parks - Atlanta Department of Corrections

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