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All Your Critical Content in One, Secure Place

Get your whole city on the same page by putting your most important documents in one system.

  • Simplifying how you host, edit, and distribute your policy and training content.
  • Get every department speaking the same language with consistent policies and procedures.
  • Stop wasting time tracking down the current version of a file.
  • Track who has completed their assigned training or signed a policy update.

Modernize Your Policy Manual

Bring your policy manual into the 21st century with a cloud-based system.

  • No more printing handbooks only to be stuck in a drawer.
  • Turnkey solution allows you to go paperless quickly and easily.
  • No servers to manage or security to setup.
  • Save time and money, all while reducing your paper footprint.

Policies Connect Your City. Get control of your city’s critical content.

Local government is a complex network of interdependent departments and operating units. Policies and procedures are your first line of defense in reducing liability and increasing compliance for all city employees.

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Integrate With Active Directory and SSO

Manage your users, groups, and permissions from one source of truth with our active directory sync.

  • Take the guesswork out of setting up users in a new system.
  • Make your implementation a breeze.
  • Take it a step further with single sign-on integration.
  • No need for another login to remember.

Drive Real Accountability

Get serious about accountability. Gone are the days of having employees sign the back of the manual on day one.

  • Keep track of your compliance by monitoring built-in dashboards.
  • Quickly see who has read and signed policies, or attended training
  • Increase accountability and reduce liability.
  • Get serious about policy tracking.

Government Case Studies

Case Study

How the City of Henderson, NV drove excellence and accountability across the city

Bridging the Gaps Between Police, Fire, and City Hall

City administrators in Henderson, NV, know that excellence starts with good policy. Well-managed policies help protect the community, ensure accountability, and promote consistency across the municipal government.

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Top municipality questions we get asked

Find answers to your biggest questions right here, right now.

Can we expand our PowerDMS account to include other municipal departments?

Yes. You can expand your use of PowerDMS to other departments, all while maintaining a separate and secure system for your department’s documents. Many of our law enforcement customers expand their account to include other city and county departments.

We serve hundreds of municipalities, and they frequently set up PowerDMS for all city employees. That way each department, whether law enforcement, fire, or parks and recreation, can manage their own employees and documents while benefiting from a centralized policy management system.

Read this case study to see how the City of Henderson used PowerDMS to bridge the gap between police, fire, and city hall.

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Does PowerDMS let us collaborate with stakeholders across departments?

Yes. With our powerful workflow tools, you can manage a document lifecycle from initiation to approval. PowerDMS lets you assign and collaborate with multiple policy owners from different departments. Every step in your workflow can be assigned to users, roles, or groups with the ability to templatize workflows so the same steps are completed every time it’s run.

PowerDMS also automates the policy approval process. So if multiple people need to review a document, it automatically notifies assigned stakeholders when it’s their turn, saving you the trouble of manually coordinating hand-offs, multiple files, and revisions.

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When a municipality implements PowerDMS, does each department maintain independence?

Yes. PowerDMS can be used by multiple departments and each can maintain its independence. Our platform lets you create separate group structures, each with their own folders and security permissions.

This gives municipalities the best of both worlds: a shared platform and department-specific access security. In other words, an HR department can manage, distribute, and track important documents across all departments. And each department can maintain its own system for managing workflows, documents, users, etc., while still accessing municipal-wide content as their security permissions allow.

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