Law Enforcement Guide to Policy Development

The essential blueprint for driving operational excellence in your agency through policy

Excellence starts with good policy.

Attorney Eric Daigle shares his hard-won insights and experiences from the streets and the courtroom. He sheds light on pitfalls to avoid and best practices from industry leaders so you can craft iron-clad policy that protects your agency and community.

This guide covers every aspect of policy development in great detail, such as:

  • The three pillars of constitutional policing and how they should inform policy
  • Relevant case law, police lawsuits, and how you can avoid similar scenarios
  • Strategies for making your policies easy to access, read, and attest to
  • Methods for keeping employees accountable to operational standards

"As an attorney who practices civil litigation in federal and state court, I am too often reminded how essential policy development is to the overall success and protection of municipal operations."

  • Attorney Eric Daigle, Principle
  • Author of Law Enforcement Policy Development Guide