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PowerStandards by PowerDMS is accreditation software that streamlines the management of policies and compliance documentation. We work with 60+ accrediting bodies to publish their standards manuals on PowerStandards.

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Reduce accreditation prep time by 50% with accreditation software

PowerDMS is preloaded with the standards manuals of 40+ accrediting bodies. Map your policies, procedures, and proofs of compliance to your specific accrediting body’s standards manual. Our solution has been shown to reduce the time it takes to complete a self assessment or prepare for an onsite by 50% or more, when compared to paper-based methods.


Assess accreditation readiness

Know that you’re prepared for your next onsite. With PowerDMS, you can set a status for each standard and track progress throughout your accreditation cycle. Dashboards and reports make it easy to see how it's progressing. Before your onsite, mock assessors can login remotely to review your documents, determine a compliance status, and leave suggestions.

Build a culture of compliance

Receive automatic alerts when a policy or standards manual is changed in the middle of the accreditation cycle. Compare changes side-by-side to easily understand the impact to your accreditation. Rather than managing static documents, your policies and practices become living, fluid documents. Accreditation becomes a daily practice that weaves into your operations, instead of a monumental task every few years. 


U.S. Mint Police

“PowerDMS provides all the required standards necessary to maintain accreditation at your fingertips. No more maintaining volumes of paper documents searching for specific standards.”

Tony Kuklinski - U.S. Mint Police

Key accreditation software features


Digital Standards Manuals

Subscribe to standards from 40+ accrediting bodies, and much more.


Automatic Notifications

When a standard or policy changes, receive alerts on what's impacted.


Side-by-Side Comparison

See what’s been added, deleted, or changed on a policy or standard.


Standards Mapping

Map your policies and other proofs of compliance to specific standards.


Task Management

Create one time or recurring tasks to keep your compliance on track.


Mock Assessments

Provide assessors with remote access to your self-assessment.

Case Study

How Lacey PD saved $2,000 on accreditation administrative costs

The administrators at Lacey Police Department, including Administrative Commander Joe Upton, were using a paper-based system for managing the department’s important documents.

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Top questions we get asked

Explore answers to the top questions asked by accreditation managers.

What standards manuals does PowerDMS by NEOGOV publish?

We publish a wide range of state, national, and international standards. To see the full list of standards we publish, visit our Accreditation Organization page.

With our Standards as a Professional Service, you can add virtually any standards manual to PowerStandards. How does it work? If you can confirm you have permission to use the proprietary content, then we can upload your standards manual to PowerStandards as a custom manual. Even if your accrediting body does not use our system, you have the ability to export your proofs of compliance to share with your assessors or auditors. 

How does PowerStandards help me prepare for an onsite?

PowerStandards maps your policies, procedures, and proofs of compliance to your accreditation standards from PowerPolicy or your desktop. When your documents or standards are updated, you automatically get alerted about the potential impacts, along with a visual comparison so you can easily identify every change.

Each policy or document that has been mapped to a standard inside PowerPolicy includes a reference of all related standards. This gives administrators the power to see each standard related to the document before updating said document.

With this tool, you can feel confident that your documents are always in compliance. Keep reading to see additional features that help you prepare for surveys or onsite audits or assessments.

How is PowerStandards different from the competition?

Many accreditation standards solutions let you add proofs of compliance documents but very few include a living connection with your policy software. PowerStandards includes a direct integration with PowerPolicy, regardless if you have the Lite or Full version. This integration allows you to directly link policies and other proofs of compliance to the standard statements. You can then highlight the sections of the policy or document that meets the standard ensuring your assessor or auditor can see how your documents meet the compliance standard. 

PowerStandards will provide system alerts and tasks to ensure you know when a policy or document in PowerPolicy is updated. This allows you to review the edits and determine if the new version should replace the current version in your survey or assessment. 

It’s true, you get what you pay for. Included with your PowerPolicy subscription you get:

  • A dedicated Implementation Consultant to ensure your site is configured for your needs.
  • A team of Customer Success Managers who serve as your strategic point of contact with the company to ensure your ongoing success.
  • An award-winning training solution to help customers learn our software and even have a certification option with various levels. 
  • A robust Success Community with self-service help resources and the ability for system administrators to connect with peers.
  • A quick-response service desk to ensure you have the resources you need following onboarding to successfully maintain PowerPolicy.  Unlike many other solutions, we are subject matter experts in accreditation and can help you solve your toughest compliance challenges in a timely manner.
What ROI can I expect from PowerStandards?

ROI will depend on your industry and organization. How long does your current accreditation process take? Is it optimized and automated, or has your organization adapted to workarounds? Do you still have all the binders and filing cabinets full of paper to manage? With PowerStandards, you can expect to spend 50% less time preparing for your survey or assessment. You’ll also reduce printing costs, staffing costs, and travel costs when your assessors come onsite because they can review your files ahead of time remotely.

What programs does PowerStandards integrate with?

For editing documents, PowerPolicy integrates with Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and Google Drive. It also integrates with other products in the PowerDMS Platform including, PowerStandards, PowerReady, the Training add-on, PowerIA, and Learn. 

External integrations include Lexipol, Guardian Tracking, LEFTA Systems, and SafeQual.


Can I automate the policy review and approval process?

Yes. Our powerful workflow tools let you automate the approval process. Various policy owners/reviewers can be assigned to review and/or approve documents. Each workflow step can be assigned to users, roles, or groups with the ability to create and save workflow templates so consistent process steps are completed each time it is run.

Additionally, users/groups can be included in approval workflows on an ad hoc basis, including the ability to give one-time edit rights to a document. Workflow steps can be set to different levels of response based on how much approval authority a user has.

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