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Is PowerDMS right for my agency?

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How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

A lot of law enforcement database software has similar features. But PowerDMS isn’t just another piece of software. Our products are designed specifically for the unique needs of law enforcement. We know it takes a special kind of person to serve in law enforcement, and we believe it takes a special kind of software to serve you.


Top problems we solve

Top problems with

Top problems we solve

Outdated Processes

Create a single source of truth

The central repository, with its powerful search features and mobile accessibility, gives officers 24/7 access to mission-critical policies anytime, anywhere.

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Limited Accountability

Track who has signed what

Electronic signature tracking, audit trails, dashboards, and reports all come together to make accountability within your agency a reality.

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Lack of Transparency

Grow public trust

Stay transparent and build a culture of trust by sharing critical policy information with the community. With automated version control, be confident that every public policy is up to date.

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Updating Policies

Stay informed with automatic updates

After updating a policy, every version of it is also automatically updated in the system, saving you the time and effort of tracking down and removing old versions. Automatic alerts, side-by-side comparisons, and electronic signatures help you track changes and keep your officers informed and accountable.

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Assessment Prep

Reduce prep time by 50%

With less manual effort, assessment prep won’t monopolize your department’s resources, leaving more time for important police work.

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Accreditation Readiness

Get accreditation-ready

Assess whether or not your organization is on track to meet the requirements of an accreditation onsite with task assignments, digital highlighting, progress tracking, and mock assessments.

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Demonstrate Excellence

Show your commitment to excellence

Build community trust by demonstrating your officers are held to a higher standard of excellence and accountability when you achieve agency accreditation.

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Complex Process

Keep your standards simple

We publish standards manuals from almost every state and national law enforcement accrediting body. With standards mapping and digital highlights of important changes, self-assessment is simpler than ever.

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National Narrative

Balance the national narrative

Get actual data on how your community feels about your department with automated surveys sent to citizens after CAD- and RMS-indicated interactions.

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Engaging Citizens

Keep citizens informed

Send automated communication directly to citizens via text. Send response delays, pre-arrival information, and case updates to build trust and show you care.

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Low Morale

Build officers up

Positive feedback from citizens is sent directly to officers and can be displayed on department screens to boost morale and show officers that they are appreciated.

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Attracting Candidates

Attract more recruits

Become an employer of choice by demonstrating your commitment to officer morale and positive community relationships. Engage tech-savvy candidates with QR codes that automatically connect them to a chat with a recruiter. 

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Officer Well-Being

Connect with someone who gets it

Users can anonymously match with peer volunteers outside their own department and join topic-specific group sessions to connect with other law enforcement professionals who get it because they’ve been there.

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Fighting Burnout

Combat stress with wellness resources

Reduce stress and prevent burnout in your department with access to a full library of wellness content, designed exclusively for law enforcement by law enforcement.

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Officer Suicide

Provide confidential access to support

The app is completely anonymous, allowing officers to access mental health resources and support on their own terms before they are in crisis.

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No Wellness Program

Build a program with measurable results

Create an effective and organized law enforcement wellness program. Upload existing resources, access the department dashboard for aggregated usage data and ROI, and gather valuable insights into your department’s wellness needs as a whole.

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Manual Scheduling

Ditch the bulletin board and Excel sheets

Build digital schedules with speed and accuracy, eliminating errors, overscheduling, and minimum staffing gaps that leave your agency vulnerable.

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Schedule Visibility

Communicate updates and provide access

Officers can access the most up-to-date schedule from any device, and you can communicate critical schedule updates in real-time with automatic text or email blasts.

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Overtime & Burnout

Automate schedule management

Prevent officer burnout with digital schedule management that makes time-off requests easier and eliminates overscheduling.

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Schedule Reporting

Get a clear picture of your scheduling

Collect schedule data, create reports, and export payroll information with simple scheduling software.

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Inconsistent Training

Instill a culture of excellence

Ensure every recruit is thoroughly trained to the same level of excellence with standardized field training resources in one easy-to-access, cloud-based location. 

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Improving FTO

Build a better program

Track onboarding, field training, and performance with high level graphs and in-depth data reports. Understand the effectiveness of your trainers, the performance of your trainees, and where improvements can be made.

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Excessive Documentation

Bring the focus back to high-quality training

Simplify your onboarding and field training with an automated documentation process. Built-in quiz templates, required comment fields, and customizable alerts work together to streamline your processes so documentation doesn’t get in the way of great training.

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Custom Training

Develop a robust program

Customize the system to fit your department's needs, and build training programs beyond new recruits to develop high-performing professionals across your agency.

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How we help law enforcement agencies

No matter the size or complexity of your agency, we can help you succeed.

  • Update policies 4x faster
  • Reduce accreditation prep by 50% or more
  • Build trust and positive relationships 
  • Attract top recruits
  • Reduce burnout
  • Improve officer well-being
  • Create a culture of excellence

How we help your staff

Achieve law enforcement accreditation the easier way

Learn more about what law enforcement accreditation is, how it benefits your agency, tips for achieving accreditation, ways to get funding, and more.


Top questions we get asked

Explore answers to the top questions we get asked by law enforcement professionals

What agencies near me use PowerDMS by NEOGOV?

We work with over 5,000 public safety agencies nationwide. From some of the largest departments to the smallest. View this map to see what agencies in your area are using the PowerDMS Platform.

Can we expand our PowerPolicy site to include other municipal departments?

Yes. You can expand your use of PowerPolicy to other departments, all while maintaining access control across departments.

What kind of content can be uploaded into PowerPolicy and PowerStandards?

You can utilize a variety of content types: daily briefs, memos, maps and floor plans, training videos, checklists, contracts, surveys, certificates, and more.

Does PowerPolicy let me track archived documents?

Yes. PowerPolicy automatically archives old versions of documents when you publish a new version so you only have one copy of each policy in circulation. 

What standards manuals does PowerDMS by NEOGOV publish?

We publish a wide range of state, national, and international standards. To see the full list of standards we publish, visit our Accreditation Organization page.

Does PowerTime allow me to send updates to different groups?

Yes. With PowerTime, you can send schedule updates, open shift notices, and other push notifications to the whole department or to specific groups that need to know.

Does PowerEngage send mass surveys into the community?

No. PowerEngage sends surveys to citizens that have recently interacted with your department so you get a clear picture of how they feel about the service you are providing.

What topics does PowerLine address in the resources library?

The PowerLine resource library covers a variety of wellness content to address the struggles responders face daily — stress, anger, grief, financial, depression family and relationship issues, losing sleep, and more.

How much does PowerDMS by NEOGOV cost?

PowerDMS by NEOGOV products are priced based on your agency's type and size with base set-up and training costs. Depending on the products you choose, your annual cost will be determined by the number of full-time employees, how many licenses you require, or your volume of CAD incidents. There are several add-ons available as well to custom-fit your agency's specific needs.

What ROI can I expect from PowerDMS by NEOGOV?

Each of our solutions delivers a different ROI and VOI (value on investment). Please schedule a no-obligation demo to learn how PowerDMS meets your unique needs.

Hear more from agencies like yours

Case Study

How New Berlin PD got reaccredited in under six months

Reaccreditation is often left until the eleventh-hour, causing agencies to frantically prepare for their onsite. For the New Berlin PD in Wisconsin, the last-minute scramble was compounded by 1)  the appointment of a new chief and 2) having no assigned accreditation manager until less than a year out from their WILEAG onsite assessment.

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Springfield Police Department

“Any time that you can increase public safety transparency, in my opinion, you’re better protecting the citizens of your community. In law enforcement, transparency and accountability is everything. And if you don’t have that with your community, then you have nothing.”

Brandy Osborne - Accreditation Manager

Milton Hershey School

"PowerDMS helps our employees feel confident in what they're doing day-to-day and it helps management feel confident that everything is being done consistently."

Jessica Erickson - Campus Safety

International Association of Chiefs of Police, University of Central Florida

"Not only does [PowerDMS] protect the agency, but more importantly, it protects the officers...that's peace of mind for the officers, and you can't put a price on that."

Richard Beary - Former President of International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Chief Emeritus from the University of Central Florida

Buckeye Police Department

"[Using PowerDMS], your efficiencies will be far and away better than what you're experiencing now."

Ed Goodman - Accreditation Coordinator

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

"Revise a policy and with one click, release it to hundreds of people, creating accountability for supervisors to be able to see exactly who has signed off on policies."

Will Stone - Sergeant

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