Who we partner with

At PowerDMS, we partner with 75+ organizations in high-risk and high-liability industries, including accrediting bodies, content providers, software companies, and risk pools.

Combining our partners' content with our platform is a key reason why the majority of our 4,200+ customers have chosen PowerDMS to manage their policy, training, and accreditation.


Just a few of the organizations we partner with

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Dedicated Partner Success Team

We understand the value of our partnerships and have put together a dedicated Partner Success Team whose sole purpose is to help our partners be successful.

Our partner program helps our partners stand apart from their competitors. We built this program to support your success in today’s increasingly budget-stretched and competitive environment.

75% of customers

Today, 75% of our customers either subscribe to an accreditation manual or consume content that is provided by one of our partners.

  • Electronic access to accreditation manuals within our platform means our mutual customers spend less time maintaining and achieving accreditation
  • The ability to subscribe to high-quality policy and training content means our mutual customers spend less time creating and updating their vital compliance content
  • Built-in integrations to the software tools our mutual customers already love helps them operate more efficiently

We love learning how other organizations meet
the needs of their members and clients. 

If you’re an accrediting body, content provider, technology company, or risk pool,
reach out through the form below to discuss ways we can partner together.

We partner with

  • Accrediting bodies
  • Content providers
  • Technology companies
  • Insurers/risk pools

Partnering with

Accrediting Bodies

60+ accrediting bodies in the healthcare, law enforcement, corrections, public safety and government sectors publish their accreditation manual(s) on our platform. Organizations have many choices when it comes to choosing an accrediting organization. Set yourself apart from the competition by making your process as high-quality and painless as possible. PowerDMS allows you to create a better experience by giving your member organizations a paperless means to prepare and achieve accredited status.


Content Providers

Content providers include consultants, associations, risk pools, and more, who leverage PowerDMS to manage and distribute content to their clients. With the PowerDMS platform, users can subscribe to your content and be notified when it is updated. As a content provider you receive:
  • Exposure to our 4,200+ customer organizations in healthcare, law enforcement, corrections, public safety, and government
  • Tools to manage, track, and securely distribute your content to a select audience
  • Reporting and analytics to understand how subscribers engage with your content

Partnering with

Technology companies

No single piece of software can solve every business problem an organization has. With our API you can integrate your top-notch technology with our best-in-class policy and accreditation management platform. Additionally, you’ll receive:
  • Opportunities to cross-sell your solution to our customer base of 4,200+
  • Visibility of your brand and logo on our website’s integration directory
  • Association with a leading public sector SaaS brand with a responsive and engaged customer base

Partnering with

Insurers/risk pools

Risk reduction is at the top of many insurers minds. In the public sector, law enforcement agencies often incur the largest payouts and generate the most risk. High-quality policies, documented signatures, documented training, and accreditation are shown to reduce losses in the event of a law enforcement incident. PowerDMS partners with insurers to address each of these areas in two different ways: 
  • Provide tools to help you manage, track, and securely distribute high-quality content to your members
  • Provide member agencies grants to purchase PowerDMS for the management, distribution, tracking, and training of policies

Delaware Valley Trusts

"As a risk pool, you have limited means to get your objectives accomplished. A major objective should be to ensure that agencies have high-quality policies and procedures disseminated to officers in the field. One of the ways of doing that is to use a document management system, like PowerDMS."



"We [MED-PASS] faced a number of challenges transforming our library from printed manuals to a digital, cloud-based offering. With Content Hub, our subscribers can access updates to their manuals faster than ever, while also being able to leverage the many document management features of PowerDMS. Content Hub has improved our customer experience while adding significant value towards growing our subscriber base."

Wayne T. Minnich - Strategic Partnerships Manager

Arizona Association of Cheifs of Police

"PowerDMS is being used by AACOP to manage all phases of the accreditation program, including hosting our standards manual, creating assessments, allowing assessors to audit files off site and is bringing added value to Arizona Law Enforcement with all the software features.”


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Partnered with 75+ organizations

About PowerDMS platform

PowerDMS is a cloud-based platform that connects an organization's compliance content – policies, training, and accreditation – in a single, secure repository. More than 4,200 organizations use PowerDMS to manage their most important documents. With PowerDMS, organization’s can:

  • Reduce accreditation prep time by up to 50%
  • Update policies four times faster
  • Save thousands of dollars in overtime costs by hosting redundant training online