Benefits of PowerPolicy

  • Update policies 4x faster: Policies can be revised and distributed 4x faster when compared to traditional paper-based processes. 
  • Save $11k in paper and printing: Our customers save an average of $11,000 in paper and printing costs alone. 
  • Promote accountability: Hold your staff accountable to policies by tracking signatures, building custom tests, and storing document history.
  • Communicate more effectively:  Provide 24/7 access to policies and procedures, and verify employees have read important updates. 
  • Build a culture of compliance: Communicate critical updates to staff, provide access to policies from any device, ensure one version of each document exists, and understand the relationship between your policies and industry standards.

Trusted by 5,000+ organizations for policy and compliance management

"We are using PowerDMS to provide access and control review and revisions across a multi-site healthcare system. It allows all of our offices to access the policies and sends the proper reminders when policies need to be reviewed. We also set up the workflows so that approval can be automatic." - Stephanie Pins, War Memorial Hospital

"PowerDMS houses all of our documents and procedures…it solves our problem with document approvals, revision control, record retention, and even verifying training effectiveness. Before, we were keeping our records in filing cabinets and it would take forever to keep up with that system. Now we just type in what we need, or what team member we’re searching for and it’s all right there." - Lydia Scott, Henry Schein

"With Public-Facing Documents and PowerDMS, in two clicks we can...ensure our citizens have access to the most current policies and procedures—the same ones our officers are referencing daily." - Lt Robert Quick, BPD

"The documents are easy to find, read and sign off on when necessary. Signatures are easily tracked and employee/user set up is easy as well." - Michelle Baca, Amerisave Mortgage

"Review of policies are quick and easy. You can schedule a review to be conducted on an annual basis. PowerDMS automatically places the review in the appropriate parties' inboxes." - Kathy DeLillo, North Carolina State University Student Health

"Having the history of policy changes and providing a much more efficient way to track communication and acknowledgment makes PowerDMS well worth the investment." - Mimi Merhi, City of Henderson

"PowerDMS allows me to set a time limit on viewing an important policy or procedure. This way I have some reassurance that employees aren't just signing new policies without reading them." - Wendi Lively, Spartanburg County (SC) Emergency Communications

Why you need policy management software

Rated the #1 policy management system

The PowerDMS platform also comes with many built-in tools designed to simplify your policy management tasks. Learn how these tools can help you and your organization.

We take your success seriously

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Onboarding Support

Work with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to implement PowerDMS within 90 days of purchase. Together, we’ll create a project plan for a successful rollout.

Ongoing Support

Our U.S.-based support team resolves 90% of customer cases in under one business day. There’s no extra cost for ongoing support, even 24/7 emergency technical support.

On-Demand Training

With PowerDMS University, you can learn at your own pace. This self-directed training portal provides all the knowledge you need to be successful with PowerDMS.

200+ 5 Star Reviews


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Built for your industry

PowerDMS serves more than 5,500 public and private sector customers worldwide. Now high-trust organizations in any industry can be preventative, instead of reactive.

Law enforcement agencies trust PowerDMS to:

  • Keep officers informed of the latest policies and training
  • Improve accountability with electronic signature capture and tracking
  • Promote transparency with the communities they serve


Law Enforcement

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Healthcare organizations trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees with a single source of truth
  • Automate policy reviews and updates
  • Reduce the time it takes to prep for an onsite survey


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Emergency communication centers trust PowerDMS to:

  • Ensure you’re staffed with the right people: quality, quantity, availability
  • Improve scheduling communications and visibility across the center
  • Train your staff for each career stage: recruit, call-taker, dispatcher, CTO
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Fire/EMS departments trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide 24/7 access to SOPs/SOGs from any internet enabled device
  • Increase efficiency by simplifying internal processes and communication
  • Quickly share the latest information on risks, tactics, and procedures
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Municipalities trust PowerDMS to:

  • Bring consistency to all city employees with a secure, central repository of policies
  • Efficiently track, communicate, and capture policy changes and e-signatures
  • Simplify employee onboarding by combining training and policies in one system
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Corrections departments trust PowerDMS to:

  • Modernize outdated policy management practices
  • Reduce the time and effort required to prepare for an audit
  • Efficiently store, manage, and distribute any and all job critical information


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Corporations trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees anytime access to policies and procedures
  • Hold employees accountable to the expectations created by the company
  • Create custom policy workflows to meet the unique needs of each department
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Cannabis retailers trust PowerDMS to:

  • Provide employees a central repository of all job critical documents and training
  • Efficiently create, store, update, and collaborate on policy changes
  • Create online courses to reduce the cost and complexity of in-person training

Seminole County Sheriff's Office (FL)

"PowerDMS creates a way for us to quickly revise a policy and with one click release it to hundreds of people so they can acknowledge it."

Will Stone - Sergeant

University of Central Florida Student Health (FL)

"You don't have to have the binders here, the papers there, and the miscommunication that goes back and forth when you can't find things. PowerDMS brings everything together organizationally and the efficiency."

Mary Schmidt-Owens - UCF Associate Director Healthcare Compliance

McHenry Police Department (IL)

"Because of PowerDMS, not only have we saved a bunch of trees and a whole bunch of money, but my officers are now even more informed and I'm able to prove it."

Stephanie Erb - McHenry Police Department (IL)

Mennonite Village (OR)

powerdms-arielle-schultz-quote (1)
"I don't even know what we would do if we had to go back to the old system. I would probably leave... it [PowerDMS] works so well."

Arielle Schultz - Mennonite Village (OR)

Buckeye Police Department (AZ)

"Everything is in one place which makes your life so much simpler."

Ed Goodman - Buckeye Police Department (AZ)

Springfield Police Department (MO)

"Any time that you can increase public safety transparency in my opinion, you are better protecting the citizens of your community."

Brandy Osborn - Springfield Police Department (MO)

Top questions we get asked

Explore answers to the top questions we get asked

How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

Many policy management solutions let you store, organize, create, disseminate, and track policies. But very few create a living connection between your policies, training, and accreditation. What do we mean by living connection?

PowerDMS is an ecosystem where policy, training, and accreditation all connect and inform one another. It gives you control over a single, living version of each of your policies with useful data like signature tracking, version history, and more included. It treats each policy as a living document, able to adapt to a changing landscape and unexpected threats.

It’s true, you get what you pay for. While some of our competitors outsource development and/or customer support to other countries, PowerDMS has a U.S. based customer success team and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Unlike many other solutions, we are subject matter experts in accreditation and can help you solve your toughest compliance challenges in a timely manner.

Between online courses, training bootcamps, dedicated Customer Success Advisors, and a fast-response service desk, we provide the resources you need to onboard and maintain PowerDMS.

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What ROI can I expect from PowerDMS?

ROI will depend on your industry and organization. How long do your current policy, training, and accreditation processes take? Are they optimized and automated, or has your organization adapted to workarounds? With PowerDMS, you can expect to save 2x–4x the amount of time and money you’d typically spend on these processes. Our customers save an average of $10,000 on paper and printing costs alone. To calculate your estimated ROI with PowerDMS, use our ROI calculator tool today.

There’s also an intangible ROI, or VOI (value on investment), realized from PowerDMS in the form of accountability, trust, and risk mitigation. For example, mitigating the risk of lawsuits, fines, and brand disrepute makes a huge impact but can be hard to quantify. Policies, procedures, and training also impact organizational culture and increase employee accountability. All of this, when done well and with transparency, builds trust in your community.

To improve transparency and trust at your organization, learn more about our public-facing docs feature, which lets you share important information with your community.

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What programs does PowerDMS integrate with?

PowerDMS currently integrates with the Microsoft Office and Adobe suite of tools, as well as OneDrive and Google Drive. Many integrations are coming soon, including Lexipol, Guardian Tracking, Envisage Technologies, Agency360, LEFTA Systems, and more.

We’re working towards an open API that will allow customers to integrate with any system they want for a nominal fee, depending on usage. It is currently in beta.

Although integration with any system will be possible upon release, your organization would be responsible for the connection.

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Can I automate the policy review and approval process?

Yes. Our powerful workflow tools let you automate the approval process. Various policy owners/reviewers can be assigned to review and/or approve documents. Each workflow step can be assigned to users, roles, or groups with the ability to templatize the workflows so consistent process steps are completed each time it is run.

Additionally, users/groups can be included in approval workflows on an ad hoc basis, including the ability to give one-time edit rights to a document. Workflow steps can be set to different levels of response: First Response, Dynamic First Response, All Response, or Simple Vote.

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Does PowerDMS let me assign policies to staff to sign?

Yes. Using our built-in, electronic signature tracking, you can assign policies to staff for acknowledgement. This ensures they have read and understood the document, and it protects your employer against future labor disputes. Attestation occurs when the user enters their username and password and clicks “sign,” or it can be completed with a thumbprint on the mobile app.

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What type of content does PowerDMS support?

PowerDMS supports a wide range of content and the most common file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, videos, audio, etc.). Beyond policies and procedures, PowerDMS supports contracts, checklists, maps, floor plans, emergency plans, spreadsheets, memos, certifications, training records, evaluations, surveys, training videos, and more.

The recent Google Drive integration lets you upload from and edit documents within the Google Drive Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.).

We can support the vast majority of your content needs, but if you don’t see what you need listed here, feel free to schedule a conversation with one of our team members.

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Does PowerDMS let me control access to content?

Yes. With PowerDMS, the security model is set by the customer, so you have total control over who can access the information in your PowerDMS site. Users/Groups/Roles can be assigned rights including View only, Audit (reporting), and Edit. Levels of access are defined by your site administrators.

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