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Create, deliver, and track training content online to reduce the costs associated with in-service days. Our training solution unifies your organization’s policies with its practices, all while giving you the data to back it up.


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Save thousands in training costs

When training is regularly scheduled (quarterly, bi-annually, annually), it takes a lot of planning, money, and resources. Create, distribute, and track electronic training courses with PowerDMS to reduce the cost and complexity of in-person training.


Put your policies into practice

Ensure comprehension of policies and training by attaching a test for your staff to take before acknowledging or completing the content. The test feature can be used throughout your organization to validate employees know and understand key compliance practices.

Maintain employee certifications

Store and track internal and external training or certifications. Automatic reminders alert employees when it’s time to renew mandatory requirements. That way nothing falls through the cracks and your organization mitigates the risk of non-compliance.


Orlando Police Department

"PowerDMS makes it easy to create courses (Material, PowerPoint, Test, etc.) for personnel to complete at their convenience, thus freeing up more time for hands-on training."

Training Coordinator - Orlando Police Department

Explore key training features



Track and measure training completion. See which employees need to renew their training credits.


Certificate Tracking

Set automatic reminders for employees to renew their mandatory certifications and training courses.


Policy Integration

When a policy associated with a course is updated, the training content is automatically updated too.


Custom Courses

 Create custom online courses using videos, PowerPoint presentations, policies, procedures, and more.



Collect feedback on training content to measure course effectiveness, engagement, and new opportunities.


Custom Tests

Create custom tests using multiple-choice, short answer, fill in the blank, and true/false question types.

Top questions we get asked

Explore answers to the top questions asked by HR and training managers.

Can PowerDMS help us automate training requests?

Yes. PowerDMS lets your staff send training requests for any external training. Requests include dates, times, and related costs, as well as the ability to attach proof of completed training. With this feature, your staff can stay at the forefront of the industry by getting approval to attend conferences, trade shows, seminars, and more.

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What standards manuals does PowerDMS publish?

We publish a wide range of state, national, and international standards. To see the full list of standards we publish, visit our standards manual page.

With our Standards as a Professional Service, you can add virtually any standards manual to PowerDMS. How does it work? If you can confirm you have permission to use the proprietary content, then we can upload your standards manual to PowerDMS. As part of this service, you also get access to every published standards manuals added by the PowerDMS community of customers.

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What programs does PowerDMS integrate with?

PowerDMS currently integrates with the Microsoft Office and Adobe suite of tools, as well as OneDrive and Google Drive. Many integrations are coming soon, including Lexipol, Guardian Tracking, Envisage Technologies, Agency360, LEFTA Systems, and more.

We’re working towards an open API that will allow customers to integrate with any system they want for a nominal fee, depending on usage. It is currently in beta.

Although integration with any system will be possible upon release, your organization would be responsible for the connection.


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What type of content does PowerDMS support?

PowerDMS supports a wide range of content and the most common file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, videos, audio, etc.). Beyond policies and procedures, PowerDMS supports contracts, checklists, maps, floor plans, emergency plans, spreadsheets, memos, certifications, training records, evaluations, surveys, training videos, and more.

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Does PowerDMS let me control access to content?

Yes. With PowerDMS, the security model is set by the customer, so you have total control over who can access the information in your PowerDMS site. Users/Groups/Roles can be assigned rights including View only, Audit (reporting), and Edit. Levels of access are defined by your site administrators.

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How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

Many policy management solutions let you store, organize, create, disseminate, and track policies. But very few create a living connection between your policies, training, and accreditation. What do we mean by living connection?

PowerDMS is an ecosystem where policy, training, and accreditation all connect and inform one another. It gives you control over a single, living version of each of your policies with useful data like signature tracking, version history, and more included. It treats each policy as a living document, able to adapt to a changing landscape and unexpected threats.

It’s true, you get what you pay for. While some of our competitors outsource development and/or customer support to other countries, PowerDMS has a U.S. based customer success team and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Unlike many other solutions, we are subject matter experts in accreditation and can help you solve your toughest compliance challenges in a timely manner.

Between online courses, training bootcamps, dedicated Customer Success Advisors, and a fast-response service desk, we provide the resources you need to onboard and maintain PowerDMS.

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What ROI can I expect from PowerDMS?

ROI will depend on your industry and organization. How long do your current policy, training, and accreditation processes take? Are they optimized and automated, or has your organization adapted to workarounds? With PowerDMS, you can expect to save 2x–4x the amount of time and money you’d typically spend on these processes. Our customers save an average of $10,000 on paper and printing costs alone. To calculate your estimated ROI with PowerDMS, use our ROI calculator tool today.

There’s also an intangible ROI, or VOI (value on investment), realized from PowerDMS in the form of accountability, trust, and risk mitigation. For example, mitigating the risk of lawsuits, fines, and brand disrepute makes a huge impact but can be hard to quantify. Policies, procedures, and training also impact organizational culture and increase employee accountability. All of this, when done well and with transparency, builds trust in your community.

To improve transparency and trust at your organization, learn more about our public-facing docs feature, which lets you share important information with your community.

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